Sunglasses or Goggles?

When I first started riding Downhill, I was riding with goggles. After a few races and falls, I started disliking how goggles sort of impaired my riding. Another annoying thing about goggles is that unless you have the multiple lenses (which can be a little pricey) you are stuck with on shade of lens.

Not being too happy with the goggles, I started riding with sunglasses instead. I found that the Serfas Hydra suit my racing needs rather well. This pair of sunglasses fit really well under my helmets, offer great ventilation and best of all, they are photochromic so there is no need to switch lenses! As far as safety goes, I’ve taken a few spills with my sunglasses and they never flew off or left a mark

Another advantage of wearing sunglasses is that I can wear them anytime, like when we are being shuttled or when taking pictures on the podium:

How about you, do you prefer goggles or sunglasses?

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  1. for Downhill riding, I prefer goggles only because they do a great job in sealing off you eyes from dirt and dust.

    but for xc riding, glasses are the obvious choice.

  2. Hi guys ,I agree with RL ,but the biggest reason for me to ware goggles is the day I chose to put them on insted of my glasses was the day I was racing at a national and I broke my nose insted of it getting ripped open. You see the goggles really help to protect my face,but I had to side line my modeling career.Bummer

  3. i vote goggles. as for your stuck with one shade of lens, that is correct! so but a pair of light sensitive lens for the goggles.

  4. I wear my Serifas sun glasses all the time now! My races for Xc as well as DH they have been great! I still will use goggles on very dusty trails such as Big Bear but so far with all the rides and races I am going with sun glasses first!

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