How to: Fill your presta tire with air

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  Have you ever lost the adapter that lets you convert a Schrader style pump head to fill your Presta style tubes?

I did, many years ago. I have not bought any adaptor since, I simply used what ever I had to just get some air in the tube. This is what I did. {Keep in mind you will need compressed air for this.}

First I took apart a Papermate pen and used the middle section {1/4″ poly tubing will work as well}, I pushed the pen body on the end of the blow gun. To fill depress the presta valve with your finger to loosen the seal, then slide the pen barrel over the valve and fill with air to desired hardness of tire. I find it easier to add a little more air then you need, as it is very easy to adjust your tire psi with presta valve as many of you already know.



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