Sette Reken Single Speed Build Complete

This morning I got up around 5:30am just so I can put on the finishing touches on the Sette Reken frame. Magally of sent me this frame so we can show our readers that you can easily build a single speed bike for allot less than what people think. First of all this frame only cost $69 from…not bad if you ask me! The single speed kit that I have on there was only $12…also from I’ll get into the cost of the other stuff later. But for now I’ve built it so I can ride this weekend. I’ll probably do a test run on it just to make sure nothing snaps.

Those tires are the Rubena Harpie set that I recently reviewed.

Single speed kit from includes spacers, a 16t and an 18t cog. They also have tensioners for as low as $20. I happen to have this one laying around, I figure I’d use it.

These are Avid 5 Single Digit V brakes, courtesy of Priscilla’s old bike. I recently converted her over to Avid BB5 (Disc)

Marzocchi Bomber with ETA. I forget the actual model, its either a EXR or MX Pro or something like that.

I really dig how the bike is basically all black. Those are Tektro brake levers, but they’ll soon be replaced with some Avid levers. Uno handle bar and a 90mm WTB stem.

I weighed the Reken…about 24lbs…eh not too bad. But a huge improvement from my full suspension single speed that weighed close to 30lbs. I figure the fork and low end Alex wheels are the culprit of the chunkiness of the bike. But then again I wasn’t trying to build a super light bike. I was building this with a budget conscience mindset.

All in all, I’m happy with the build. I’ll be trying this baby out soon enough and I’ll come back with a full report and the cost breakdown of the build.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. You’re doing a great job with this blog! I would like to get back into mtn biking. The daytime desk job is killing me 🙂 I saw your previous build-up of a Nashbar 853. I’m basically on a family budget, and would like to switch out my components from an old bike to a new frame. Would you tell what is the difference in the ride between the Nashbar 853 and Sette Reken? Also which frame would offer the better value? My nearest trails would be the Fullerton Loop and Carbon Canyon Park (I live between the two).


  2. P,

    Thanks for commenting. The Nashbar frame is made out of steel. Though its nice, its way more expensive than the Sette Reken. The Reken is only $89 or $99, while the Nashbar is $249.

    I’ve ridden my Reken at the Loop and Carbon Canyon many times and its a fun bike!


  3. I’m looking at this frame for my son. What frame size did you get and how tall are you? I’ve heard these frames run a bit big-a 16″ Sette = 17/18″ in others. True?

    Thanks for the info.


  4. The Performance Bike Shop Sciante or whatever they call it is the same frame only double the price. They route the cable bosses 45 degrees from top on the top tube. same gussets, same drop outs.

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