Sette Reken, another bike project.

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Last time you may have heard me mention, the Sette Reken was a 1×3 then most recently a 1×8. That was cool and all, but II kept dropping my chain when it was set up as 1×8.

So last night, I wanted to do something with the Sette Reken…again. I figured I’d try and convert it to become my Xtracycle. Below was my original set up with my Ibex/Xtracycle.

The Ibex frame was cool and all, but that top tube would get in the way when dismounting the bike. I tried to install the sub-frame of the Xtra on to the Reken, but the reken doesn’t have a small bar that most bikes would have where a kick stand would be installed onto the stays. The Xtracycle idea for the Reken was scrapped.

I then turned my attention to my 1X crank set. I got tired of the chain drop and went ahead and installed the granny gear, big ring, front (XTR) derailleur and front shifter. The XTR was a bit over kill since my shifters was an Alivio and my rear derailleur was a Mega9 Deore…but its what I had.

Anyhow, I took the Reken out for a quick jaunt in the neighborhood, making sure I was jumping off the curb to see if my chain would drop, all good.

I weighed the thing and it came in shy of 25lbs. Not exactly anemic, but the parts I have on it aren’t on a diet. I have some WTB ALL Mountain wheels, a Spinner Reason fork, TruVativ 31.8 stem, Hayes MX3 Mech brakes and TruVativ cranks. One lite weight thing I have would be my seat post…a Ritchey Comp…oh an my rear Kenda Small Block 8!

By the way, right now the Sette Reken frame is on sale for $79.98 at

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2 thoughts on “Sette Reken, another bike project.

  1. A bike’s frame doesn’t need a chainstay bridge (the bar you describe) to accept an Xtracycle. You DO need two FAPs (the aluminum plates) to bolt to the tongue. They sandwich the chainstays just behind the BB shell.

  2. Next time you use a 1x system, use chain guides, any bash gaurd will work on the outside and a chain Watcher/dog fang/Jump Stop on the seat tube is the lightest way to go. a Salsa Crossing Gaurd/Jump Stop worked beautifully on my Kona Jake

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