How important is cheering on your friends?

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It’s mega important!

One of the benefits of riding in a group or racing in a team would be the cheering and encouragement you get from your friends. During our 2009 race season, our team would do what we can to make sure our folks were getting some love from each of us. It goes the same way when we do fun rides, especially if we’re tackling more technical terrain.

If you’re not sure what exactly is needed to bolster the self esteem of your friends, here are a few key words to say to help them out.

Here’s the list, note that there’s an exclamation mark, you have to say it like you mean it!

2.That’s cool!
3. You’re bad ass!
4. Get some!
5. WOOO!!!!!
6. YEAH!!!!
7. You’re FAST! (that seems to do the trick for anyone). Jeremy loves to hear that, its not a lie, the dude is fast!
8. You’re a good rider!
9. I can’t keep up with you!
10. You’re an Animal! (that’s Eric’s favorite). Yelling nick-names are also effective.

Personally I do something special for each person on the team. For Priscilla, I yell out something about how hot she is. For Moe, something about him being a bad ass. Joe, “jojojojojojojojojojo!” Kim, “Kimmeh!” (I say it like how Timmy on Southpark says his name). Tony, I usually call out his nickname “Wizard” or something about him being awesome. For David, I usually say “You’re awesome David! You’re fantastic!”

Encouragement helps any rider get an extra bit of boost to keep pedaling or to man up and do something crazy. Just remember, cheering and kind words go a long way.

In closing, I’d like to ask you a question…

Who’s awesome?


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