The Path Bike Shop Sunday Ride

Mountain Biking Ride Reports

Sunday rides are a great event for many mountain bikers, a day to get a few more miles in, drive to a trail not quite so close to home and meet up with some more people than the ‘usual’ crew.  Usually Kim organizes the Sunday rides,  Tony and I follow.  When the Finchs’ are busy, I fall back on The Path Bike Shop and their Sunday ride.  The Path crew usually ride from their parking lot and hit up Santiago Oaks, but have recently expanded the terrain options.  Check The Path Blog for locations.  This day, The Path group ride met up with a STR [SoCalTrailRiders] ride to form a super group of about 15 people.

The Path Bike Shop is Tustin, CA is one of my favorite brick and motar bike shops.  The Path has it all, from a knowlegable staff consisting of actual riders from the owner down to the young guns behind the counter, a huge inventory of mid to high-end parts and a wall full of “take-off” parts that I used along with ebay to build my old Redline Monocog into a race-ready machine.

Plus the owner rides too!

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