Do your gloves smell like your feet?

If it does, wash those suckers! There’s no point in having stinky hands. Throw them in the washer next time you do laundry. Here’s another little tip you can try that I do all the time.

Take a shower with your gloves or any other biking items.

Priscilla will often find me in the shower (she likes to watch…jk!) washing out my gloves, shorts, or pads. I LOVE the smell of Irish Spring, so what I do is I’ll lather up the gear, making sure it gets all sudsy and stuff. Then I rinse them thoroughly. I do this about three times and what’s gross is you’ll see all the dirt wash right out and you’ll say to yourself, “eew, why didn’t I do this sooner!”

If I need to wash all of my gear, such as helmet pads, knee/shin pads, and body armor. I’ll throw them all in a bucket put a few drops of Tide and fill it up with hose water. I’ll let it sit there for a few hours. Once I’m done, I rinse and hang dry.

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