How To: Bicycle Hanging Hook Makeover

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If you use hanging hooks to store your bikes, then you know that the original rubberized coating that comes with it eventually wears out. With the exposed metal of the hook, it can result in scratches or damage to your beautiful wheels.

I learned this little trick from my buddy Loren. He even provided me the tubing that I used. So here we go. All you’ll need is a 1/4″ vinyl tubing that you can get at your local hardware place. A 10 ft roll will set you back a few bucks.

After you remove the old rubber coating, measure the amount of tubing you’ll need. I basically eyeballed what I needed.

Here’s a little trick you can do to slip on the new tubing. Exhale into the tube, make sure you get it nice and moist. It wouldn’t hurt if you got some spit in there. Having it lubricated with saliva makes it slide in better (don’t think naughty).

While its still wet, slide the tubing all the way through.

I left a little bit on the edge to act as a bumper.

Here’s the finished product. The vinyl tubing is much thicker than the original coating and adds more protection. The $5 investment was worth it.

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5 thoughts on “How To: Bicycle Hanging Hook Makeover

  1. Just did this last week, but I had to get a larger diameter tubing. But I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own, so thanks for the tip!

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