Confessions of a Raddist

My name RL and I have a confession, I am a RADDIST.

What’s a Raddist you ask? Well that’s a person that does anything RAD, thus a Raddist. Kinda like a nudist, but with clothes on, but radder.

There’s only a few of us Raddist around. In Southern California, there are only a few that I know of who are Raddists. One is Joe Solancho, the other is Moe Ramirez and of course Jeremy Yang. You see, the 4 of us do things that are RAD at all times. Stuff like mountain biking, hip hop dancing and speak multiple languages are examples of what Raddists’ do.

When we eat, we’re pretty rad. When we brush our teeth, yup, rad. When we go #2, its still rad. Guess what, when we ride, WAY RAD!

You see being a Raddist isn’t a phase, its lifestyle. We conscientiously make an effort to be rad at all times. There are a few things that you can do to become more rad, but I’m sorry to say, you actually have to be born a Raddist to exude Radness.

So here’s a few things you can try at home or work to help you become more Rad.

1. Wear CROCS. If you want to be Rad, then wear some CROCS. Some people think they’re ugly, but pssshhh, those people are LAME for saying so. CROCS gets you laid all the time!

2. Member’s Only Jacket. White is the preferred color.

3.Buffets. Nuff said.

4. Ergon Grips. Dude, Ergons are the Raddist’s choice of grips. So if you want to be Rad, then you better get some sucka!

5. Finally, to be a Raddist, you need to have a tatoo of some sort. Joe is all tatted up from his days in the pen. Moe has one that stands for “Horney Devil”…not sure what the horney reference is all about, but he’s RAD! I’ve got one in my lip…

Anyhow, if you want to be Rad, then try those suggestions out. But if you want to see what a RADDIST is all about, just keep reading, we’ll throw in some RADDIST examples every now and then.

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