Injury Update

Some of you have asked me how my injuries have been via email. Some of you have even asked to see some of the wounds. I’m not so gross as to show you my wounds but I will show you how swollen my foot. The picture is at the bottom of this post just in case you chicken out and don’t want to see what a swollen size 13 foot looks like. Hint: think pregnant woman.

Arm: I’m down to a band aid on the left arm after having to gauze and wrap it for the first few days. This is a nice change. 2 of the 3 scrapes on the arm have healed enough to stop producing the ooze so just a band aid on the last one which still has ooze but is almost dried up.

Knee: I still need to wrap my knee and my calf which I think contributes to the swollen foot and leg. I think this because after I took the wrap off my arm, my arm shrunk back to normal size overnight but I’m not sure. I’m actually confused as to why it is/was so swollen in the first place. More on this later. The knee has two scrapes and is almost to the point where I can stop wrapping it too, maybe by the weekend.

Calf: The calf gauze & wrap will have to continue for a while. It’s healing but the process is slow since it is sooooo big. It’s excreting ooze all the time. 30 seconds without the gauze wrap and I’ve got half a dozen ooze droplets running all over my leg. I’m changing the calf bandage 3 times a day. Even at that rate, the ooze still stains my ace bandages so I have to wash & rotate my use of them.

Foot: The gouge in the foot is getting better. Less pain and it is getting smaller but, as you will see, the whole foot and leg is still pretty swollen. Can anyone say “cankle”? I keep it elevated off the floor rested on my computer all day where it ends up being parallel to my thigh. This only slightly helps with the swelling.

I’m actually not sure as to why there is so much swelling. My theory is that the wrapping causes it but I’m not wrapping tightly and I would think that the wrapping would cause my thigh, not my calf/foot, to be swollen. None of the wounds are beyond superficial skin wounds except for the gouge on the foot, but even that is not very deep. If anybody has any thoughts on why there is so much swelling please share.

I have had to use LOTS of gauze, the non-stick kind of course. After purchasing 2 boxes worth of Johnson & Johnson (I originally could not find generic) non-stick gauze and going through them all, I have since gone to another store, CVS, and found some generic brand gauze and it has been much better on my wallet. It seems to work just as well as the J & J too.

By the way thanks all for asking and I still hope to start riding again by mid-week next week. Here is the picture you’ve all been waiting for. If you want more, I can upload them in the comments section later. 😉 Just ask.

Enlarge-able but why would you do that to yourself?

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  1. Thanks Mitch.
    I went to the nurse clinic on Friday, the day after this picture was taken and the first thing she had me do was remove my ace wraps on my leg. She gave me what I describe as a sock open on both ends. The “sock” is pulled over my bandages and does not restrict blood flow to my leg/foot. By Saturday morning, my foot was half the size and by Sunday it had returned to looking like my right foot.
    Lesson: if your extremity is swollen, remove the wrap and use something that doesn’t cut off circulation.

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