The Perfect Bike for B.O.B

Yes there is such a thing as a “PERFECT” bike for B.O.B. (brother on a budget)…a budget meaning very little money or none what so ever.

So if you’re like me, a BOB, then you are going to look for the best bang out of your buck. Being a BOB, usually means you’re just tight on cashola for the most part of your life. Either that or you have plenty of kids to support. With that said, here’s my recommendation…from one BOB to another.

Get a single speed! Yeah I know it’s not going to have the latest and greatest XTR or SRAM X0 stuff, but it works, it’s cheap and up-keep is at an all time low! Seriously, a single speed is the best way to go. You really don’t need much to get one started. You can find a cheap old mountain bike on Craigslist or at a garage sale for about $20-$50. Single Speed kits are mega cheap, less than $20! A KMC chain is about $5 and if you needed, single speed chain ring bolts are no more than $10.

If you tally it up…
$50 for a bike
$20 SS kit
$10 SS chain bolt kit
$5 SS chain

For about $85… you can have yourself a pretty durable bike. I ride my SS as much as I can. I only ride multi geared bikes when I’m testing out rigs for reviews or if I’m riding technical trails where a squishy would be fun. But for the most part, I LOVE my single speed.

Single speeding does so many wonders for you. The first few times you’ll hurl, but you get stronger and you can clear more and more hills on your ride. Just keep at it, I’m not going to lie to you, its tough. But its totally rewarding.

So if you’re a BOB like me, then consider building up a single speed, its a cheap thrill!

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  1. Brother On a Budget? I think it should be Bicyclist on a Budget, you are forgetting about female riders.

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