Delaware Representin’

One of our favorite readers is a fella named LynchMob. For the past year he’s been busting my balls about wanting to get a jersey. If you recall, Lynch won the Awnry Bikes from our April Fools Joke. Lynch was a pretty good sport about it and since I felt kinda bad that he won nothing, I sent him a shirt and….yes, a jersey. Now Lynch is super happy and he sent me these pics of him rockin’ the big wheels on a rigid!

Here’s Lynch at Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington, DE

Here’s the money shot…nice!

3 Replies to “Delaware Representin’”

  1. LynchMob! I ride in DE too! I also rock the rigid 29’er SS on the trails. DE has great trails everyone, White Clay Creek, Iron Hill, Lums Pond, Brandywine Creek State Park, and more!

  2. Well I guess that makes two of use in the entire state that are too cheap to buy a suspension fork.

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