Soma Double Cross Pulls a Double Duty

hehe, I said “duty”…

Anyhow, I wanted to share my day with all of you. I decided to ride my bike to work today. I have a big project that would have had me working at least 12 hours today. That meant I expected to get off work by the time the sun went down. I made sure I brought my lights just in case I found myself riding my bike home in the dark.
soma double cross
But things got delayed with the project and that lead to the opportunity for me to join Priscilla and a few of our friends at the Fullerton Loop for a night ride. I told Priscilla that I wanted to join her this evening and that I would meet her at the trail head. Lucky for me I rode the Soma Double Cross to and from work, and once I got to the trail, there was no need to swap bikes since the Double Cross is actually a cyclocross bike.

The Soma has been an incredible bike to ride. I ride this frame hard and I doesn’t give any indication that it wants to fail on me. I can actually fly on the trail with the Soma, and check this out. It’s all steel, so that translates to a more comfy ride both on and off road. I can keep up with guys on full suspension mountain bikes, and I can even out climb a few with the Soma.

The fact that the Double Cross can be used as a commuter bike then a cross bike is simply fantastic! I know some guys commute with their mountain bikes, but when you have big fat knobby tires, those can slow you down immensely. However, the 700c Kenda Small Block 8 offers fast rolling for commuting and the traction when I need it on the trail. It’s a perfect bike in my opinion!

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