Soma Double Cross: Still in action

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Team Racer, Corey Pond has been using the Soma Double Cross for a bit of…CROSS training…get it, Double Cross and Cross training? Eh…nevermind. Anyhow, I received a photo this morning during one of his training sessions. He had mentioned a while back that he’s been wanting to ride a bike from Upland, Ca. or somewhere near that city all the way up to Big Bear, Ca. Not sure if he made it, but he was at Onyx Summit this morning with an elevation of over 8400 feet!

soma double cross

The reason why I’m so amazed by this is because when we were up in Big Bear on Saturday, I remember driving passed that very sign you see the bike next to and thought to myself, “I can’t believe Corey wants to ride his bike up here.”

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  1. I made it all the way to big bear, stopped by grandma and grandpas for lunch and then rode back all by 5 o’clock today. Over 80 miles ridden. I’ll tell you all about it with pictures soon.

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