Multi tool..schmulti tool. Use the FoFi!

Don’t get weighed down with expensive multi tools,

just use what the Animal has…

Introducing the FoFi Tool.

With most bikes, all you really need is a 4mm and 5mm allen head. That covers most of your adjustments/repairs. Check out how easy the FoFi works on adjusting rear disc brakes.

It’s also great for adjusting your brake lever clamps or grips. Notice how the Animal is pointing to his Ergon grip? Well that’s because the FoFi Tool’s color is inspired by the Ergon green that you see on your screen.

If you haven’t figured it out, the name FoFi is Latin…jk! It’s just a short way of saying Four and Five…since those are the allen wrench sizes used in the tool. I know that you want a FoFi tool, but Animal has such a back log, that it would take him 12 years to catch up from the demand of his amazing tool.

3 Replies to “Multi tool..schmulti tool. Use the FoFi!”

  1. I thought the FoFi was a play on “Fee Fi Fo Fum. . .” because the Animal is such a giant on the trail — he crushes other riders trying to keep up.

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