Meet Mark Tomas

We’re very happy to announce that Mark Tomas is the newest member of the Race Team.

Some things about Mark. He has been riding for 2 1/2 years. He got into mountain biking after he broke his femur. The doctor said cycling would build his strength after surgery. Mark gave it a try, and was hooked after the first ride! A year later Mark gave racing a shot, and guess what… he liked it too! Currently Mark rides a Trek 69er single speed, Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe, and a Sette Phantom. He’s also in the process of putting together a 29er. So check back for info on that. Mark will be racing in Cat 2 for this years Triple crown, and he is looking forward to being a part of the MtnBikeRiders RaceTeam.

Results in 2008/2009:
– 2008 Fat Tire Classic 5th
– 2009 Incycle XC Challenge 2nd
– 2009 Fat Tire Classic 2nd
– 2009 Southridge Challenge 2nd

– 2009 Triple Crown Series Overall 1st

Welcome to the team/family. As they say, blood in blood out. So if you want to quit the team, you gotta get jumped out! Jk, we’re glad you’ll be representing the site. Now go do some judo chops on your competition!

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