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But I was REALLY disappointed when Priscilla told me that it wasn’t that kind of “hump day”…anyhow…I went ahead and loaded up our bikes and met up with some of our riding buddies for the night. The Moe made an appearance, Joe Solancho was in attendance as well as our friends, Khoa and Ben. Guess who showed up? Jeremy Yang! It actually has been quite a while since we’ve ridden with Jeremy. He’s been busy raising up his new baby and being a foster parent.

Moe, in his true Messican way, was late. But we were just glad to see the guy so we quickly forgave him.

Today was the maiden voyage of the Redline Conquest Sport. Joe Solancho has the privilege to review this bike and tonight was a time to get to know the Conquest. All I gotta say is that Joe was FLYING on the trail with that bike!

Since Jeremy and Moe were both here today, I made sure that I dressed up for the occasion. I’ve got on my fancy duds.

Before we ended our ride, we had to split ways with Jeremy. It was really great to be out on the trail with great friends. Afterward, the rest of us went over to our favorite place to eat, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos..mmm.

The ride this evening are my favorite kind, easy fun pace, great conversations and great friendships. That’s why I love mountain biking.

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