VIP Energy Mix Review

I’m a huge fan of energy drinks, I love how they make me feel and I find that they do help give me the extra edge I need. Here’s some basic facts about VIP Energy Mix.

Long lasting, 100% all natural energy with no crash
Improve endurance and physical performance
Maintain alertness and sharpness
Support a healthy immune system
Boots Metabolism
Protects and repairs your body
Provides healthy hydration
Price $31.70 for a Multi-Box of 16 packets

I tested the Exotic Berry, Naked and Pink Fusion.

One of the things that suck about energy drinks would be the crash. When I do imbibe in a drink, I have to count the cost. Do I drink it and suffer a crash or do I just keep drinking more to stave off the inevitable crash.

I first tried the Pink Fusion during work hours. I simply poured it into a 16oz water bottle and shook it up. The flavor reminds me of a pink grapefruit and it does have a hint of “energy drink flavor.” This flavor is somewhat medicine-like and at times even kinda bitter. But the sweetness of it brings it back to the fruit flavor.

My initial dosage of VIP left me feeling very alert, focused and energized. But I wasn’t wired either. Its’ the same energized feeling you get after getting a full 8 hours of sleep, not sure of that makes sense. During work hours I felt very productive. The best part, I wasn’t even jittery!

The second test was on the trail. After a long day at work, I decided to do some riding at a local trail. I drank about 8oz of the Exotic Berry (not my favorite flavor) and sipped on the other 8oz during my ride. Again I was energized, and felt a difference in my riding performance.

I then tried the Naked mix. You’re supposed to be able to add it to any beverage such as Gatorade, smoothies and etc to give you that extra VIP edge. They claim its flavorless and won’t affect your sports drink. But when I poured into my Gatorade, it changed the flavor around. It had a medicine like taste to it that I didn’t really care for.

VIP Energy Mix uses all sorts of B Vitamins and about 80mg of caffeine (about the same in a cup of coffee). It also has Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Ginseng.

One VIP Energy Mix Packet provide about 5.5 hours of energy. I’m guessing if you weigh less than me, then this could potentially have effects that last longer.

Here’s the low down on VIP Energy Mix. Per serving cost about $1.99, that’s pretty competitive to Redbull or Monster energy drinks. But the advantage VIP has over the name brand drinks, the lack of a crash. I like its mellow, yet effective energy effects. The Exotic Berry didn’t taste all that great, reminded me of medicine. But the Pink Fusion wasn’t bad at all. Just make sure your water is ice cold before you drink it.

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