Mammoth on my mind… Ride report from last weekend (8/7 & 8/8)

Two weekends ago I headed up to Mammoth Mountain located at Mammoth Lakes, CA for an over night trip. The plan was to ride DH for two full days, Saturday and Sunday. Mammoth is approximately 5-6 hours from southern California where we live. We had a total of 14 guys on this trip. Three of the guys we’re doing a turn-around trip – meaning they will drive up with us, ride and head back home on the same day. That’s a lot of driving… yikes!
Loading up at the gas station.

Six of us caravanned together while the others departed at approximately the same time and in their own cars. At 2:30 am Val and I met our friends at the gas station close to our house where they were going to carry our bikes. Val and I had a car rental which was not equipped to carry any bikes. From here the trip begins!

Fast forward to our arrival at Mammoth, we grabbed a quick breakfast then off to the gondola for our ride to the top of the mountain. Below is a condensed video from our rides.
IMG_9860 copy
Saturday – total of 14 guys riding the awesome trails at Mammoth!

The trails we rode were amazing! There were a few that had minor scrapes and bruises but nothing major. Fortunately we didn’t encounter any mechanicals, just a few pinch flats – but that’s to be expected from an all day downhill session. All in all, it was a pure RUSH as we descended on Mammoth’s trail systems. From single to triple diamonds… it was smiles for miles.
One of the few flats we had to fix on Saturday.

Sunday’s ride was equally fun. We had a much smaller group than Saturday (only 5), we managed to get in three great runs before it was time to pack up and head home. Below is a video from Sunday’s ride.
Sunday’s group were just five guys.

One of my favorite shots as we head down Shock Treatment. Taken from a GoPro. MtnBikeRiders jersery right inbetween the stanchions.

Since that weekend, Mammoth has been on my mind constantly. So what’s the fix??? Obviously go back to Mammoth :). This coming weekend the plan is to do a turn-around trip. Head to Mammoth at 2:00am then be back home for a late dinner. Stay tuned for a new video!

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  1. This is badaass. I’ve never been and have been thinking about Mammoth also. It gives me an idea what to expect. I’m not even up to par to your guys’ riding level, have you guys checked out the lower level trails? Thinking of making a family trip out of it.

    Which trail was in the first vid?

    Was wondering also, didn’t notice much rider traffic. Was that just a slow day or is riding sectioned to party?

    Any info would help.

    Otherthan that, thanks for sharing. Loved the vids!!!

  2. Had a great time!

    Sleeping Sheep – the first vid was from Flow to Shotgun. Second vid was from Kamizaze, Upper and Lower Shcok Treatment and Velocity.

    The only rider traffic was at the gondola. The mountain is pretty open. You can see the riders but everyone is pretty spaced out.

    Take your fmaily, there are other things there to do. There are also plenty of XC trails.

  3. Thanks for the info Joe!

    Anyone know when mtn bike season ends there at Mammoth?
    My internet is down at the moment, and my phone doesn’t show full websites that well.

    meep meep.

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