Weekend Ride Report: Double Dose of Downhill fun!!!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a weekend of back to back rides. With a busy schedule sometimes getting ONE ride on the weekend is difficult enough. This weekend felt like a treat as on Saturday I headed off to Aliso Woods. I rode with a new group of riders who I met the previous week. A bunch of super cool guys ad good riders!

We met at one of the trailheads bright and early. We took a shorter route to the top so we can get started quicker on one of the downhill runs that Aliso has to offer. First on the list was Lynx – a pure adrenaline rush as we jammed non stop to the bottom. After we regrouped, we rode back close to our starting point to a trail called Cholla.

Group getting their armor on before we head down Lynx.

Riding back to Cholla for another trip up.

This was a series of switchbacks that would take us back to the top where we can hit another downhill run called Rock-It. Down Rock-It was just as fun if not better than Lynx. We hit a series of rock gardens as well as fast swooping lefts and rights. We ended the run by jamming down a jarring straight away… a total blast!!! Below is video from Saturday.

On Sunday I decided to go to a local “secret” downhill run with Val. About a month ago I took RL and Val here. It’s referred by us locals as a “secret” trail to prevent it from over-crowding and causing problems with the neighborhood; therefore exposure is kept to a minimum. Typically we do these shuttle runs with three or more cars however today it was just Val and I. We’re fine tuning our new sleds – Intense Slope Style 2 (Val’s) and my Uzzi VP.


How does it work? We would take car #1 up and leave car #2 at the bottom. Once we ride our bikes to the bottom, we load up car #2, drive up and retrieve the first car. Both cars drive to the bottom then leave car #1. Since the bikes are already on car #2, we take that up to the top… then the same cycle continues. Get the idea? I know it’s kind of confusing but it works 🙂


Today we had a total of three runs. On the first and second run Val led as I followed him with a helmet camera. On the second run, I led as I had the camera mounted facing the rear. Totally FUN!!! Check the videos below from this weekend’s ride.

Saturday – Aliso Woods

Sunday – W. Cyn

3 thoughts on “Weekend Ride Report: Double Dose of Downhill fun!!!

  1. Thanks for the shots of Aliso Woods. I grew up close by in the 80s early 90s and used to ride there. At the time I think it was officially off limits but nobody ever stopped us from going in. I haven’t been back since ’93 when they started to develop the area around the trails. I always imagined they had raised the hills and build houses, glad the didn’t!

  2. That was a fun ride, @#$% Canyon one of the best DH trail I ever riden! Thanks Joe for sharing the video, Lets do it again this time I am going to buy one of those gopro and take a video of you.

  3. Thx for sharing. Very inspirational. Wish there were places like that near me. Consider yourselves blessed! 🙂

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