Priscilla’s Birthday Bash and Granny Gear Race

Wednesday night we organized a night ride with some of our closest riding buddies @ the Fullerton Loop to celebrate Priscilla’s birthday.

Cousin Joe, Brian Bolt,Arnie Alvarado and Cameron Mac Daddy (neon jacket).

Jodi, Kim and Priscilla. Check out Priscilla’s bike, its been a tradition to decorate the birthday baby’s bike.

On the trail.

After the ride, Priscilla treated us to some homemade cupcakes. This was the perfect way to replenish your muscle’s depleted nutrients.


We also passed out beverages to the guys that were there. Check out my koozie!

Once the fluids were replenished, it was time for the Granny Gear Race. We had a total of 4 participants. Moe, Robert, Khoa and myself. The video is kinda dark, but you can still see the action. Check out the video to see the results. By the way, the winner won himself a free dinner @ Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

Right after the race, we then motored our way down to Wahoo’s for some good food. I had a Wet Carnitas Burrito with green sauce, flanked by black beans and brown rice. Sooo good!

The Moe was in attendance. He was just telling us a story on how he reacted when he found out what Rocky Mountain Oysters were.

Khoa, Dr. Thunda(he’s a butt doctor) and Josh.

Priscilla and Kim enjoying fermented grape juice.

A birthday ride isn’t complete unless we sing a song. Check out our vocals, I’m telling you, we might have a future on American Idol!

In closing, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you felt like you right there with us. On behalf of everyone on, Happy Birthday Priscilla!

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