Ice Toolz E213 One Way Torque Screwdriver-Review

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Ice Toolz E213 One-way torque screwdriver, 1~5N•m, for 1/4″ drove sockets. Also contains bits of Hex, Pozi®, Phillip, Slot, Torx® (totally 32 bits), and a 1/4″ adaptor.

Price: $107.63

The E213 is very easy to use. All you have to do is pull the knob on the handle back, then turn it to the proper setting you need for the job.

Then just tighten, and when it clicks, that means its been set to the proper torque.

This tool is perfect for any bicycle mechanic that is working with torque sensitive parts. I have a set of FSA cranks that requires me to torque down the crank bolts at just the right amount, if I don’t it puts too much pressure on the bearings and the end result, the cranks don’t spin freely. Haviing the Ice Toolz E213 took away the guessing game and wasted time in trying to figure out if it was tight enough.

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