Which is uglier…

Moe and I were having a heated discussion earlier today…
moe argue

No actually it was about something else. Moe showed me a picture of some Vans that are butt ugly. He said they’re cool because they’re Vans and that they are rare to be found in SPD form. I said they are FUGLY and no matter if they were Vans, UGLY IS UGLY.
ugly vans

Then Moe takes a jab at me because I wear Crocs. He basically said that if a guy that wears Crocs can call Vans ugly…then he’s (me) got no crediblity since in his mind Crocs are super ugly.

Anyway, I think he’s wrong, for one, those Vans look like something old people would wear, secondly, Crocs are amazingly comfortable and people who wear them are all about winning!
Elderly German in velcro shoes

So we need your help, leave a comment to let us know which is uglier, the Vans or Crocs. Don’t say both are ugly because that don’t count…we’re only interested in the opinion of what people think about the shoes mentioned.

11 Replies to “Which is uglier…”

  1. Those vans are ugly… and so are crocs, and if you’re out of elementary school you shouldn’t be wearing them.

  2. I must have indulged myself in too much wine when I gave the Crocs inventor the idea of producing such hideous shoes. The Vans, although not awesome, they have my blessings.

  3. The only saving grace of those vans is the vans stripe and logo on the velcro. Without those, they would absolutely look like old man orthopedic shoes.

    I think it’s the kind of material used and the fact that they are all black that is bringing them down.

    I’m not going to comment on those crocs though….

  4. The Vans are butt fugly and should never have been combined with SPD’s. The Crocs are ugly as well, but are very functional and super comfy. Plus those Warners have had the worst reviews to date for SPD compatible “casual” bike shoes!

  5. Crocs are fugly. At least you have brown ones, not brightly colored ones.

    The other fashion faux pas you’ve got going on is, you’re wearing socks with the Crocs. Socks with sandals went out of style in the mid 90s. 😉

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