Win a 2011 Team Jersey from

Scheck it out fellas! You can win an XL(only size available) 2011 Team Jersey! (no name on back).

2011 mtn jersey contest

Here’s how its going to work. All you have to do is leave a comment below explaining why Chuck Norris and Mr. T are the toughest guys in the world (no homo).

The best comment will win the jersey, oh and you have to be in the lower 48 (US only) to qualify. Sorry Bulgaria, its too expensive to ship to you.

Contest ends on March 31st 11:59pm

Good luck!

16 Replies to “Win a 2011 Team Jersey from”

  1. Chuck Norris is one bad Mofo because he kicks butt and does right in everything he touches. Mr. T once ran thru a steel door, plus he teaches to be a positive role model….

  2. Chuck Norris never needed training wheels.

    Chuck Norris does not wear a helmet. His cowboy hat is all he needs.

    Chuck Norris has SPD cleats on his cowboy boots.

    Chuck Norris doesnt ride a unicycle. He thinks thats just showing off.

    Chuck Norris came up with the cycling phrase ‘I am the motor’.

    Chuck Norris is the reason why the 29er was invented.

    Mr. T is so tough, Chuck Norris calls him Mister Mr. T

  3. Chuck Norris is a deity; nothing can cut Chuck Norris’ beard except for a round house by Chuck Norris. That is a feat like dividing 0 into 0! Enough said about Mr. Norris. Mr. T is one of the baddest men to walk the earth. He won the worlds best bouncer award by tackling a guy through a door. Plus he’s beaten cancer and sported a Mohawk long before it was fashionable!

  4. You know the say Chuck Norris is so tough, there is no chin under his beard;there is only another fist.

    First name Mr, middle name ‘period’, last name T! Nuf said!

  5. Chuck Norris and Mr T are two badass Mofos! But neither could compare to the awesomeness called RL Policar!

  6. I am going to have to go with Mr. T on this one because when he received his Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, he made his hand prints after the cement was dry!! Chuck just thought he was cool because he could pee his name on concrete! My other choice would be Dog the Bounty Hunter!!

  7. Chuck Norris is tough ‘cuz he can draw both gun while doing a tail-whip & flip combo on a downhill bike.

    Mr. T is tough ‘cuz he can do a no-hander, double back flip with his Black Van.

  8. The reason you’ve never seen Chuck Norris on a mountain bike is the last he rode, he tried to sprint out of the saddle, but it instead of moving forward, he reversed the Earth’s rotation.

    An emerging stream of thought in the world of science is that the “Big Bang” was actually caused by Chuck Norris and Mr. T coming too close to each other. There literally was not enough room for both of them, so the universe had no choice but to expand.

    –Eric @

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