Super Saturday!

This past Saturday was one of the best in a long time for me. For starters, we assembled a small group of guys to shuttle a trail called Santiago Oaks. If you’ve been there, then you know that shuttlin’ isn’t really necessary, in fact you can pedal up the peaks with out a problem. But we didn’t feel like doing that. For the most part we busted out our trail and DH bikes for this adventure. Once we got on the trail, it was a straight shot down to the bottom. Along the way we stopped to get some photos.

Here’s Art and Corey checking out a little drop off that they both hit.

Got Artie, The One Man Party getting some air.

We ended up doing 2 runs, but I gotta tell you, we had such a great time. There were some parts of Oaks that I’ve never been to before and I was pretty happy that we hit these trails. The Airborne Taka was my weapon of choice and that thing soaked up every obstacle the trails dished out.

Speaking of which. Below is a picture of my Taka equipped with “Ghetto Tubeless.
This was a hot topic over the weekend between some friends on Facebook. Since I’ve been running Ghetto Tubeless on my wife’s bike, and 3 of my other bikes, I figured I might as well do so on the Taka. It’s pretty simple to do, all you need is a 24″ tube per wheel, and some Stan’s Tire Sealant. But all you gotta do is click on this link so you can watch the VIDEO to learn how to do it.


Then later on in the afternoon, Priscilla and I, along with some friends joined Fullerton Bicycles who was hosting a Family Night at the Bellflower BMX. We recently started getting into BMX and we’ve been having such a great time with it that we got 2 new bikes!

Here’s Priscilla getting gnarly on her new Redline MX Pro-24.

Nick D. showing that smiling while riding BMX is doable! Nick has some great BMX skills, couple that with is endurance, he can go 100% all the way through the track.

Our friend Bryan D. trying to gap the first table top thingy.

A shot of Bryan D and I. He’s using Priscilla’s bike while I’m rockin’ the Redline Proline 24…I just love the gold, its so pimp!

More photos from Bellflower BMX

Overall, a great Saturday, tons of biking and we even capped off the night with some Sushi….it doesn’t get any better than that.

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