Pryme TrailHands Glove Review

Mountain Biking

For the past six months I’ve been testing out the Trailhands Gloves from Pryme.
The Trailhands is a lightweight race or trail glove with amara palm with stretch
spandex back. The cuff is made of elastic, and also has a simple Velcro closure.

Pryme Glove2

The first time I put these on, I noticed a few things. First, the inside is very soft
and comfortable. Second, they run a little big. I’m normally a medium, these are a
bit bigger. But fit does vary from brand to brand. Also I like the simple style, and
neutral colors of the Trailhands.


I used these gloves for early morning training rides, hammered them at some local
races, and even at some night rides with the MtnBikeRiders crew.
Somethings I really liked:

The cloth wipe covering the thumb is soft and soaks up sweat easily.
The single layer palm is durable ( I crashed on them a few times and no rips).
They are affordable. Cost less than most other brands.
They put a small piece of fabric in the cuff relief. For me, this detail makes
the cuff more comfortable. See pic below.


I normally wear slip on gloves with a mesh top. These gloves are a little thicker
than I’m used to. If its above 80 degrees out, they were too hot for me. Any
other time, mornings, nights, or cooler days, they were my go-to glove.

While purely preference, a few things I didn’t like:

No breaking grip on the finger tips.
Double thick area between thumb and index finger was a little too thick for me.


Whats the verdict? The Pryme TrailHands are affordable, comfortable, durable,
and look good too! It can’t get much better. Check out their site at


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