Under the saddle hydration system?

I had received a bit of information about a new hydration system that mounts under your saddle, its called the VelEau 42, by Shower Pass. I found it rather interesting and thus this post.

The Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System (www.veleau.com) relieves the cumbersome burden of lugging a backpack-style hydration system and makes drinking more convenient and safer than reaching for traditional frame-mounted water bottles.

The unique and innovative VelEau design fits securely under the saddle and employs two patent-pending retractable reels that allow the rider to safely and easily access a hydration tube and bite valve. The VelEau also solves the dangerous issue of reaching for a water bottle while riding, particularly when in a paceline or hammering in a racing peloton. The VelEau’s “Get the Pack Off Your Back” solution alleviates this concern.



I like that you can still store your tools and other gear in the bag.


For more info, make sure you check out: www.showerspass.com/veleau