2012 Team Jersey

Downhill Main Mountain Biking Team

Hi folks, we’re super excited to introduce our 2012 Team Jersey. One of the things I wanted to do different this year was to make the jersey more personal to our team racers.

If you look at the design, part of the sleeves and the side of the body has images in it. Each image best represents our team racers. For example, Artie loves Speed Racer, so we made sure there was a Mach 5 logo, Corey is always getting hurt, so we added an ambulance. There’s 3 race cars in there, a Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bacon, Speaker icon and many more. This type of design truly sets us different from the generic team jerseys out there.

I originally only wanted to produce this for our team racers, but I’ve decided to open it up to the public for a Pre-Order.
2012 mtn copy

The cost will be $55.00 shipped in the US only and you can have your name or a word in the back. Just keep in mind, it has to fit between the shoulders. If you’d like to get a team jersey, please contact us immediately. I’m expecting to put these through production in Mid-To-Late October for a Late November Delivery.

Jersey order inquires:

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  1. Not Bad.. Not Bad at all… I especially like the representative icons. Meaningful and something to talk about, but also works really well as just a texture from further back. Thumbs up to the designer.

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