Fun is Fun!

This past weekend Priscilla and I called up the troops to see if they’d like to join us at Aliso Woods for a super fun, easy paced ride. This venue has to be one of our favorite places to ride. It offers so much as far as variety in the type of trails out there. One can chose to go DH while another can do XC. But on our ride, we stuck with XC riding.

Our planned route was to hit some of our favorite trails. For Nick and Mark, Lynx was something they’ve never tried. So we made sure we hit it as our first descent.

Priscilla was celebrating her birthday that weekend. She took some great photos of the trip. Here’s one where I’m looking for a snack in her hydration pack.

Here’s some of the pictures she took. I love my EVEL jersey.

Doc Thunda showing that he has 5 fingers on his hand. Mind you, one of them is fake. He lost a finger during the great war in Romania.

Did you know the new iPhone 4s takes some amazing photos?

In this shot I was showing Mark where babies come from.

Nick is my new stalking buddy. Ever since he signed up for Latitude, I’ve been stalking him. Sometimes if I see that he’s only a few miles from me, I’ll drive over to where he’s at and just watch him.

I love this photo because it shows of our jerseys being worn by 2 of the manilest men I know! Don’t they look hot!

I busted out the Drift helmet cam and captured what you’ll see below.

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