Who needs a bar or gel if you’ve got Twinkies?

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If you haven’t heard, Twinkies will no longer be around since the parent company Hostess is going bankrupt.

When I first heard the news I immediately ran to the store to see if they had any left. Lucky for me I bought 2 boxes of Ding Dongs and Twinkies. I saved one box of Twinkies for personal use and the other box to sell on Ebay. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eat all the Twinkies, nope. I stashed them to eat during my rides! You see when you’re riding trails like this (below) for more than an hour, your body will need some basic carbs to keep you pedaling. What better way to ingest some quick carbs than a sugar filled Twinkie!
Twinkies on mtnbikeriders.com
What I’ve done recently is pack 2 Twinkies with me. Why 2? Well I only eat one and what generally happens is other people see that I have one and we start talking about the whole Hostess bankruptcy and I end up sharing my other Twinkie. For the guys I’ve shared with, it totally makes their day.
eat more twinkies
I’m down to my last 4 Twinkies and I still have a box full of Ding Dongs, so I may start carrying those with me too!

RL Policar

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2 thoughts on “Who needs a bar or gel if you’ve got Twinkies?

  1. We need to finally get out and ride together. Why? It’s not because you’re so bitchin and good looking; or because I’m just so plain awesome. No, it’s because I want a free twinkie. I haven’t had one in over 20 years. I don’t recall even liking them. But now, that I can’t have one, and with all the talk of them, I want one. Next we have to track down some Zima.

  2. Lets hope your next post isn’t one about sharing ding dongs with strangers you meet while riding your bike in the mountains.

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