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Strykr SL

With summer on the way, and HOT temps already this week, I have been thinking of doing some late night riding to beat the heat. Shannon Scott the Bike Division Director over at Baja Designs sent over a Strykr SL for testing. The Strkr SL is a helmet, or handlebar mounted light system for mountain, road, motorcycle, or ATV use. The SL is rated at 925 lumens and only weighing 470 grams. Baja Designs claims it has a full 12 hours of burn time, and is completely waterproof up to 33 feet. You can get this set up for $249.95 at


Here is what the SL package includes:

•Light Head (Wide Reflector)
•Additional Spot Reflector
•O-ring Bar Mount
•Helmet Mount (Short Velcro Strap & Long Velcro Strap)
•Bar Rubbers (22mm, 25.4mm, 28.5mm, 31.8mm)
•Battery Pack
•30″ Cord
•3/8″ x 20″ Velcro Strap

Head unit with Bar Mount

First impressions:
– Headunit looks like it can take a serious beating
– Handlebar Mount looks solid
– Cord options are cool, short for running the battery up front, or add the extention and run it under your seat.
– ON/OFF Button easy to access

Top Veiw

Although the night riding season has recently passed, I am looking forward to doing some late night rides, and putting the Strykr to the test. Check back for more updates.

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