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It’s official, the Stoker for the 2Fast4U Tandem will be Team Racer, Nick DiBlasi. We had a dress rehearsal on Sunday evening to see how we felt on the tandem. Boo, Nick, RL and Khoala. Big thanks to Lady P for the photos.

A little black and white for dramatic effect.

Everything seems to be just fine with the tandem with the exception of a few things like a tune up and some fresh oil for the fork. We’re also making some minor cockpit adjustments for Nick. Notice how close his knee is to the bars? We’re replacing it with a riser and we’re also looking into changing out the seat post.

We’re having another training session this Wednesday at Whiting Ranch. We’re hoping to clear the tough climb called Mustard and master the descent called Cactus. Should be great times! If you want to see Nick and I in action, come check out the Triple Crown Series this weekend in Glendora.

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