A 5 Hour morning Ride

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Technically we didn’t ride for 5 hours, it was more like 2.5, but I did drink a bottle of 5 Hour Energy and I was so energized! Love that stuff, way better than Monster, Rockstar and all that jazz. By the way, I have to warn you that this is going to be photo-intensive. If you have dial0up, um you’re probably going to be sitting there waiting for a while until all the images load. But the more important question here is, “why do you have dial up?” Anyhow, let’s get on with our ride report.

These babies were on sale at my local corner store, 2 for $5!

My favorite people to ride with and please don’t take offense if I didn’t mention your name, but those folks are Lady P and The Moe. With The Moe’s busy schedule, it’s really rare that we get to ride together. Did you know that he and I have been hitting the trails for over 10 years!
I was really pleased to learn that he was going to join us at Aliso Woods. Here we are at the trail head. The Moe and I are riding KHS Bicycles, while Lady P was testing out the Airborne Goblin 29er.

Here’s the group from the ride, from left to right, The Moe, Khoala Bear, Lady P, Jon, and Stefan (I forgot his name, so I made it up.)

The Goblin did great that day. Lady P really enjoyed the ride this 29er offered.

At a certain point The Moe and I broke off from the rest of the group and headed down towards a trail called Rockit. All smiles from The Moe.

This is where the other group went. You see all that climbing…bleh. They really dig all that XC stuff that includes leg burning climbs and you know what, they high-five each other once they get to the top.

The Moe padding up before we hit Rockit. Notice how his jersey says “Cancer Sux?” well, it does. We came out with that design back in 09 in support of Breast Cancer awareness. In fact you’ll see later that I too am supporting Breast Cancer awareness by sporting my limited edition Pink Tuxedo Jersey.

I tried taking a pic of me with The Moe in the background, but I was using my SLR with a nifty-fifty lens and my arms are way to short to create enough distance between my face and the camera. As you can see through my failed attempts, this proved to be futile.

May I point out The Moe’s socks, those are the famous wool socks by BikeCommuters.com.

Here’s some shots of us having fun through some fast swooping berms at Rockit.
As promised, my pink jersey, and my gloves!

Our ride concluded with The Moe and I patting each others butts and saying, “YOLO, BRO, DUDE, and COOL!” Lady P and I simply love Aliso Woods because there’s so much that place offers. You can take a beginner or a full on Pro and there will be trails they both can enjoy.

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