Granny gears, snow and something that rhymes with Fart.

This past weekend I attended a church retreat to learn a butt load of stuff about the gospel. During our break, my buddy Officer Ben and I decided to hit the local trail. We ended up riding part of the Santa Ana River Trail (SART).

We had some great views and once we got into the thick of the forest, we were riding under a canopy.

Kinda neat how there was some mini waterfalls along the route.

There were patches of snow through out the trail.
snow on sart

When Ofc Ben and I started, it was all downhill. So we easily cruised miles and miles without knowing how far we actually went. Eventually we decided to turn around to head back to our retreat. This is where the granny gears came in. The climbing back up through SART was pretty brutal and I stayed on my granny gear all the way up. I think we were climbing for at least 45 minutes and the thinner air at the high elevation made it more difficult.

All in all, any day that I could go riding, whether XC or DH, I’m still happy…yes even climbing. When you have a bike, the KHS XCT 556 that can pretty much do everything, then heck, it’s even more fun!

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