Getting screwed by the Bikapocalyse

The buzz around the bike industry is that the bubble has popped. We saw unprecedented demand for bikes during the pandemic and along came shortages and yes, price increases that we had not seen before.

This was a good time to be a bike seller, we were selling bikes almost at prices that we had originially paid for them but it also meant that if we bought new bikes, we got screwed.

Case in point, I bought my Canyon Grizl 7 Trail at the sale price of $2,299 2 years ago.

But now it is selling at an outlet price of $1,799!

That means that if I try to sell this in the used market, I will be “losing” over $500!

Granted, a new Grizl 7 trail is on sale for $2,099 but this model has better components

I was really discouraged by the issues that I had with the Grizl but those have been rectified and I am really enjoying the bike and at this bike prices, it is a keeper.