Rainy day alternative: Zwift

We have been experiencing a lot of rain here in Southern California so that has left me with riding indoors as my only choice.

I purchased the Zwift Hub over 6 months ago and I really have enjoyed using it for training purposes and to ride on rainy days.

If you are not familiar with the Zwift Hub, it is basically a “smart” trainer that pairs up with the Zwift software and allows you to ride their different “worlds”

I normally mount one of my road bikes to the trainer and you do this by removing the rear wheel and using the cassette that came with my trainer.

One of the biggest reasons why I like this trainer is the software; it allows you to select the type of ride that you want to do that particular day. Short and flat? Sure. Long and hilly, yup. Now the cool thing about this trainer is that the tension automatically changes based on the grade of the road; from -10% grades all the way up to gnarly 16% grades. Oh, you can also “feel” when you are drafting off another rider.

Although I am more of a solo rider, I do join their “tours” which are basically group rides on different stages of their worlds. Another major plus is that the Zwift system has helped with my fitness and my weight loss. Sadly, the Zwift hub has been discontinued but they have partnered with Wahoo to supply their smart trainers. I give Zwift a thumbs up.