Mountain biking as a workout.

I consider most of my mountain biking rides as something fun that I do and I don’t focus on mileage, time or effort. Well now that I am on a weight loss journey, my mindset has shifted a bit and I do focus more on the workout.

We are semi-famous for doing “relaxed vibes” type of rides (not to be confused with “partypace”) but I’ve been putting on more effort on my MTB rides as of lately. I even dare to say that I look forward to the uphills!

One of the benefits of mountain biking is that I burn quite a bit of calories riding less miles. Riding the Fullerton Loops simulates a HIIT type of workout; short punchy climbs and mellow descents.

For example, I burned 1163 calories in 10.81 miles of mountain biking:

and 1294 calories in 30.07 miles of road riding:

Big difference!