Bike Lube as Bike Polish

One thing I learned while hanging out with Mike Kaelon of KHS Bicycles was this…Boeshield works best as a polish. He explained that all the years he’s worked Interbike, Boeshield works best in making your bike look good and get rid of finger prints. So I decided to try it, sure enough, he was right!

KHS Visit 2011

Even the label shows you can use it on the frame.
KHS Visit 2011

Here’s an example of a matte finished frame that I have, dirty.

Squirted some Boeshield into a clean rag.

Work it onto the frame and it leaves it nice and new looking.

Where do your dollars go towards Mountain Biking?

In order to serve our readers better, we want to know what it is you are spending your money on towards mountain biking? The reason why we ask, we want to start a weekly “Deal Day” where we bring you information on who’s having a sale on what. But to fine tune “Deals Day” it would help if we knew what it is you are constantly buying or in the market for.

So for example, if you were in the market for a new SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur, then we’d tell you about the sale the is having on them. Normally $85, now listed at $69 and some change.
sram x9

With that in mind, leave us comments on what you shop for. Personally I go through tubes like underwear and cables and housing every few months…what? I like to swap parts on my bikes all the time! I also go through quite a bit of lube…don’t even go there…perv! I am a lube-aholic! I am always cleaning my bikes and in the process, I use up plenty of the slippery stuff to ensure that my bikes are running smooth!

Natural Lube 7A:Testing initiated

Chuck over at the Natural Lube 7A Development Team sent me this bottle of lube.

Here’s what he said about their product:

We have an all purpose lubricant that is actually engineered and designed to lubricate regardless of the conditions and is natural , shelf stable and yes , you could eat , drink and cook with it but it would not do those things very well as it is a lubrication oil.

Not sure if we’d eat this stuff…but we’ll give it a go on a few of our bikes and see how it does.

Ernesto Bike Lube: Review in Progress

Ernesto sent us some Soy Bean Based bike lube to test and review. They claim that this is the only lube that you find to fry up some eggs and chicken with and use it on your chain…

ernesto lube

Here’s some of the benefits of using a Soy Bean Lube.

* Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils
* Biodegradable – Friendly to the environment
* Non-staining formula
* Better adhesion-reduces amount of product required
* No need to apply excessive amounts unless you want an oily mess
* Out-performs conventional petroleum-based oils
* smells good…for good application
* Contains no toxic chlorine or sulfur or regulated chemicals
* Vegetable oil base reduces dermatitis
* Petroleum is dirty and harmful for the environment
* Easy clean-up (Soap & Water)

Ernesto Lube doesn’t have heevie-jeevies….I like that, cuz’ the world doesn’t need anymore heevie-jeevies, especially on your bike!

I’ve already started using this lube. In fact Priscilla probably didn’t realize, but I secretly switched her usual chain lube with the Ernesto Lube for yesterday’s Team Big Bear Race.

I’ll be testing this lube s’more with other bikes such as my single speed and tandem to see how well it hold up. Check back for a review.