On the trail repair

While we were at Big Bear during the Memorial Day Holiday, I ended up getting 2 flats in 5 minutes. I realized that I had hit a rock so hard that it slightly bent my rim. But the worst part, the rock created a small burr (sharp edge) on the lip of the rim. This was the culprit to my 2 flats. Since I used my my last 2 tubes, I started hiking down the mountain. About an hour into my hike, a fellow mountain biker stopped and threw me a new tube, thanks Stranger!

But before I installed the new tube, I needed to address the burr. Forgive me for my crappy cell phone photo…I don’t own one of those fancy iphone thingies…You can kinda see where the rim bent. The inside of the rim had a sharp burr that punctured my tubes.

Since I didn’t have a file, I grabbed the next best thing, a rock! Yup, used that puppy to grind off the metal burr.

Viola! After my trail side repair, I mounted the new tube and inflated the tire and I was rolling back down the mountain.

Crash Check List

You just crashed…now what? First thing you need to do after crashing is to not do anything. That’s right, lay still. No need to be macho and try to get up right away. There’s a few things you will need to do before you get up. Ready?

1. Lay still.

2. Take an inventory of what works. Most likely you’re in some sort of pain, make sure you take your time.

3. Wiggle your hands. Then see if your arms and shoulders work.

4. Wiggle your hips to make sure that nothing is broken.

5. Wiggle your legs, then your ankles and finally your toes.

Once you’ve are certain that you are able to get up, do it slowly, sit up first, check your surroundings, take another inventory, but this time its for your stuff. Visually locate your bike, sunglasses, shoes (yes shoes have flown off after a crash) and etc.

When you do get up, do it super slow. After you’ve gathered composure, check over the bike. From that point, you may have to walk the rest of the way or get back on the bike depending on how you feel and the condition of your rig. If needed, seek immediate medical attention, don’t try to tough through it.

Vanity leads to Defeat

Me and Moe, the last time I rode my Niner Jet9. Photo credit to Joe Solancho

Every time I think about it, it makes me sick. This past Friday at 12:30 in the afternoon while in Stockton, California visiting family, I took the kids to Victory Park to relieve the wife of her parental duties for a couple of hours. My teenage daughter stayed in the car with a headache and nasty cough while I watched my 5 and 3 year old boys on the playground 20 yards away. My one-month old black Niner Jet 9 was on the back of the van’s rack when two goons decided to take it from me.

My daughter, in the front passenger seat, looked up and saw one guy standing just outside her window. He smirked at her. Feeling uncomfortable, she proceeded to pull out her phone and call me. As she was doing this she notices another guy at the back of the van taking my bike off the rack. By the time I picked up the phone and got the bluetooth in my ear, they were off with my bike and I couldn’t find them. My daughter later told me that she felt I was moving in slow-Moe.

Lessons I learned:
– always lock your bike. Before the park, I stopped off at REI to return a couple of things and peruse their gear. I, of course, locked my bike while shopping at REI. But as soon as I got back to the car, I took off the lock because it tends to rub the paint when the car is in motion. Yes, I know it’s a mountain bike and they’re meant to get dirty, scratched, used… My vanity led to my defeat.

-check your insurance policy with regards to bike coverage. If you are unfortunate enough to not be covered, check out Consumers Advocate for reviews on insurance plans available in your area. By Friday afternoon, I was pretty much over having my bike stolen. I was confident that my insurance company would “make me whole” with regards to the bike. However, when talking with the Claims Adjuster on Monday, I discovered that the insurance will only pay out up to $1,000 on a stolen bike. Umm… that does not even cover the cost of the FRAME, let alone the whole bike.

Bike thieves suck.

And the best looking male model…

… in a featured bike jersey advertisement goes to…


On-One Male Model Jersey

Personally, I’d like to see RL rock the new MtnBikeRiders.com jersey. Who wants to see that? Respond in the comment section!

Early Thursday Tech Tip: How to strip your bike’s paint Part II

I’ve brushed the Woodstock 707 Frame to make it all shinny. I still have some spots to treat and remove old paint, but for the most part the frame is starting to look good. But from what Khoa told me, I can get that frame as reflective as a mirror if I use some elbow grease and Mother’s Aluminum Polish. Since I’m strapped for cashola, that portion of the project will have to wait. I’ve also learned that aluminum will oxidize..kinda like how silver tarnishes.

So here’s where I’m at. I reinstalled the rear triangle just to get an idea on how this will look.

I rebadged the 707 with some new stickers that I had in the garage…Now this bike is the KHS Bicycles…Full Suspension Evomo. hehe

Check out this decal that I had. This iron cross makes it look legit!

I still have a few more things in mind in getting this frame exactly the way I want. Stay tuned.

Early Thursday Tech Tip: How to strip your bike’s paint

how to strip bike paint

I currently ride the Woodstock 707. It’s been a great bike, but I wanted a little change with the scenery. Actually I wanted a dramatic change. So the best way to mix things up with a bike other than spending tons of cash for new parts is to paint it. But I’m not really going to paint it. I just want to achieve a brushed aluminum look on the frame. So let’s get going on how to strip your bike’s paint.

First thing you need to do is remove all the parts from the bike. I am only stripping the frame portion of the bike. I’m leaving the rear triangle the original color, its to add some character to the project.

Try to remove all of the suspension bearings. If you can’t, just cover them up with some tape like I did.

I then weighed the frame to see how much paint comes off the darn thing. It’s right around 4.5 pounds.

I picked up this foaming paint stripper from Walmart for about $5.

I sprayed the frame, I ended up using the whole can because I treated it twice. The OEM paint was really thick.

I waited about 15-20 minutes for the foam to do its stuff. Then I started to wipe off the paint.This is after the first treatment…gnarly eh?

After cleaning up the frame, I wanted to see how shinny I could get it by using a brush attached to my power drill. I still have a few spots to treat. But once its all cleaned up, the bike will be assembled.

I’m debating if I should paint the frame. If so I wanted either a flat military green, baby blue, pink or a gun metal gray…what do you think?

By the way, I ended taking off 1 whole pound of paint from the frame. Now it weighs 3.5lbs.

Interbike 2007: Is MASSIVE!

Interbike is mega huge, but from what I hear, its not the biggest tradeshow out there. Khoa took some great shots while up on the Sock Guy Booth of the floor. But these photos, as great as they are, do not give you an idea how massive this place is. But its a good start.

These are over looking the SBS/ Redline booth.


What is Blingitis?
Also known as upgraditis, blingitis is a debilitating disease that subconsciously alters your perception of your current bike from a capable bike to one in desperate need of improvements (necessary or unnecessary) that look better but may not perform better than previously installed parts.

If left unchecked, this mind altering disease can lead to high credit card bills, mounting debt and bankruptcy. Other negative side affects include the alienation of non-biking members of the family/friends and being able to only afford saltines for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What causes Blingitis?
Currently, blingitis’ origins are unknown. One scholar believes that blingitis is caused by mountain biking with other riders who actually do have better bikes/components than the diseased’s current rig. This scholar goes on to surmise that after examining the other dude’s bike, hormones named SPENDergen are released. SPENDergen has been shown to have a very weak correlation to the onset of blingitis.

Chris King Hubs
Chris King Hubs

Another scholar’s study illustrates a weak relationship of blingitis with attending major bike events such as Sea Otter, Eurobike or Interbike. A slightly weaker relationship was observed for riders attending local bike races where advertisements and exhibitor’s booths are commonly found. This scholar supposes that the sensory consumption of so many cool components through a person’s vision, touch, smell and yes… even taste could set off blingitis.

What are the symptoms of Blingitis?
Blingitis normally starts off relatively harmlessly. $10 spent on a new set of grips because the old ones were black. Next, its $20 for a Salsa seat collar that matches the highlight color of your frame. But, be careful because before long blingitis can quickly spiral out of control.

$160 for a set of Twenty6 Dualie Brake Levers, $600 Formula Oro Puro brakes and of course the ultimate bling $1,000+ Industry Nine wheels (two sets of course as each one’s color needs to reflect your mood). Sadly, if you’re already this far along, it is time to call for professional help.

Twenty6 Dualie Brake Levers
Wow. So pretty. I want… No, I NEED

How is Blinitis treated?
Your doctor may prescribe you narcotics to reduce your desire to continue blingitis. However, this is normally not enough. We here at MtnBikeRiders.com highly recommend the expert in house team trained in the treatment of blingitis, the MtnBikeRiders.com.blingitis.team.

This highly skilled team will come in and disassemble all of your current rigs and replace all of the blingitis parts with ho-hum parts from Walmart. We will also handle the removal of the blingitis parts so that you will not be tempted by them again. Our services continues with taking your credit cards and charging them up to the maximum so that you can not upgrade your bikes again. Lastly, we will help in relations restoration with members of your family and your friends who were alienated by blingitis. Surprisingly we do this all free of charge.

How can I prevent blingitis?
If you ride a cheap bike, we highly recommend marrying a spouse who has no degree of bicycle acumen, hates bikes and is poor. This combination of unknowing, unapproving and unfunded spouse is the best way to prevent blingitis.

If you’re already married and your spouse loves bikes you’re screwed. Umm… I meant that preventing blingitis will be a more difficult proposition. The team at MtnBikeRiders.com does have a recommendation: the surgical removal of your hypoSPEND gland. This short 17 hour surgical procedure will remove the hypoSPEND gland which produces the SPENDergen hormone. Remember however, that the SPENDergen hormone only has a “weak” correlation with the adult onset of blingitis.

Your doctor may also prescribe Bike Component Sensory Deprivation. Although MtnBikeRiders.com does not recommend this, we have heard of great responses to this treatment. BCSD includes but is not limited to removing the internet from your computer (yes, it’s only on your computer), house-rest to keep you from visiting cool bike shops and of course staying away from Interbike 2007.


With a steady diet of BCSD you may see enough progress to visit your email account by year 3 of this treatment. Good luck.