Night Time XC Races Coming to SoCal

Just got an email from Race Director, Omar Almaguer of Cycle Events Company talking about a new 3 race series to happen in Bonelli Park starting this June. Races start around 6pm on Thursdays. All sorts of categories to race in, from young groms to Expert/Pro.

If I can get out of work on time, I may check these races out and see if I can rock it with the tandem bike. Now I gotta find a Stoker….

Race fees are pretty low, $25 per race or $70 for all 3!

For more info about dates, times and all the fancy stuff, check out Cycle Events Company.
Bonelli 10/16/10

Winter SSeries FinalSS:

This past weekend was host to the fifth and final race of the Southridge Winter Series. The weather however did not get the message that this was still the winter series. Temperatures were in the mid 80’s, a significant change from the previous races where layers to keep more were more typical. On the way to the course, I got a surprise phone call from fellow team racer Mark Tomas. He was able last minute to join in on the final race. Mark, who brought out his new SS, and I were in the same class with the SS’s being an open class. In our class we were joined by Bruce Dupriest with Incycle and Byant Mena with ODI. With all the registration paperwork completed, Mark and I headed out for a warm-up spin.

Spinning through the flats.
Spinning through the flats.

Normally the SS class is released for their start just after the expert class. There were a bigger group than normal of expert ladies, and somehow they missed their correct start with the group ahead of us. Donny called the SS’s up to the line and notices that there is still a group of ladies mingled in among the SSers. He tells them that they had missed their start. Some of them started to line up as if he’s going to give them a fresh “GO”. Donny tries to clarify by telling them, “No, go now!” This gets about half of them moving and the rest catch on after the first few take off.

First section of the Hike-a-bike.
First section of the Hike-a-bike.

Now the SSers actually get their start. I got the out in front off the start and through the first turn and into the flats. Mark caught me at the beginning of the single-track, and all of the SSers proceeded to loop through the single-track leading to the hike-a-bike. I have Mark about 20-30 yards ahead of me on the start of the hike with one other SSer between us. I pushed up the hill trying to close the gap between us. I wasn’t able to catch Mark, but I was able to catch and pass the other rider by the top of the climb. I reached the top and started the first descent. This is where I really notice that I was having trouble finding a rhythm. I was forcing myself through the turns not flowing through them. Through the next two climbs and down the back side of the hill, I continued to struggle to find my rhythm.

Finishing off a single-track climb
Finishing off a single-track climb

I finished up the downhill section and headed out to the flats. I cleaned the steep climb before the last bit of single-track leading to the end of the first lap. There was a change made to the final turn out of the chicane leading to the second lap, and evidently some of the riders didn’t catch the change and rode directly into the tape. Luckily, Mark & I pre-rode this section in our warm-up, so it wasn’t an issue for us. As I passed the finish line, I noted my time for the first lap. Not really a faster pace than the previous race, and I wouldn’t be setting any PR’s today. As I started the second lap, one of the other SS riders was creeping up behind me. I could not manage to maintain my lead heading to the HAB. I followed him up the HAB section. It was definitely quite warm and I was definitely feeling the heat. I noticed another rider using his water bottom to cool his head. Best idea ever! For some reason I had never thought to do this. I don’t normally drink much during the race, just a mouthful here or there to keep my mouth from getting to dry. It worked well to cool me off on the hike.

Last decent of the lap.
Last decent of the lap.

I knew I could gain ground on the downhill sections to help make up the gap. This time around however, I did have any issue finding a flow with the trail. I was able to pass him at the bottom of the descent as he had to reset a dropped chain. I pushed up the next climb to try and put some distance between us. As we approached the single track climb he was still about 30 yards behind me. I stood up and sprinted up the hill till my lungs were ready to burst. This lead to some rolling single-track and one last steep section that completes the majority of the climbing for the lap. By this point the other rider was out of sight and it was time to enjoy the long descent and put more ground between us. As I reached a short fire-road climb about halfway down, I came up on the rider I had already passed. He was gotten a flat and walked straight down the hill (I assume). I offered to stop and help him repair the flat as I had a tube, but he was not interested. I dropped down the rest of the hill, and toward the back flats. Up a steep short loose climb, and then I headed out to finish out the rest of the lap and on to the finish line.

Finishing up through the chicane.
Finishing up through the chicane.

I powered through to the finish line and placed in third for this race behind fellow team racer Mark who won the race. See his race report here. As this race completed the winter series, the series overalls results were available shortly after the race. Having had participated in all five races, I had accumulated enough points for a series win. The final results for the series had me in first place.

Race Report SRC Winter Series #1 Kim “Champ” Finch

Editorial-RL Policar: As always, Kim Finch had a stellar weekend at the races in Fontana, Ca. Read up on her adventures!

Well here we are back in Fontana, CA for a whole new year! As I concluded last season, I have moved to the CAT2/Sport categories in all disciplines. I am going to mix up my XC racing with my Super D races as they always fall on the same day makes it hard to do both and still make it up the hill for Downhill practice.

This past weekend I prep myself for Saturday’s XC race. Upon line up at the start line, I found two other ladies in my class. One of them I had race before in the beginner category. I was glad to see other racers in my group. I also met the three women in the 34 under category. The start horn blew and off we went.

The course was still short from previous races but considering I now had to climb the ASPHALT road twice I was not that disappointed. Two laps this race approx 11 miles. The day was perfect for XC racing, little cloud cover and perfect temp! Some changes on the start of the course but still climbing that darn road. I hit the three hills to the water tower and then was time for the fun single track! I managed to pass one of the 34 under ladies, which always makes me smile! I kept Barbara in my sights the entire race. Came around to the last climb in my first lap to the rocky hill I have yet to clear without jumping off the bike and running! There was a man on the line and gave him a little shout and there I was half way up the climb…passed him..MADE IT! I was so proud of myself and even more so when the man I passed yelled out “How did you do it?”

Lap two, I managed to pass another 34 under lady and always keeping my competition in sight. Crossed the finish line with a battle with one lady from 34 under! It was a great race and I was close enough to Barbara I was thrilled. I had figured since starting a new CAT, I will be at the bottom of the list again!

After, made a little recovery and then off to DH practice. I managed to get two runs in and calling it a day! Sunday morning got in one good clean practice run and some pointers from Nancy Harris for a cleaner line on the second split on the course. I was bumped that Traci (my rival) had been injured the day before so she was unable to race with me. At the top I was chatting with Wendy, another DH racer, and I hear everyone yelling at me! “Get up here, your lining up!” Funny was that I was so used to being the one of the last groups to start so had to RUN UPHILL!! I was tired before the start and I was trying to quickly get helmet and gloves on.

The nice thing was, RL “BOSS” was there to get me to calm down and breathe. Of course he offered to do the Team dance, but knowing “Boss” I opted for “ No thanks”! Start count down,5-4-3-2-1 GO! & off I went. All I had to do was stay on the bike and make it down the course, but NO, I still pour it on as if I am racing the world! I was a little anxious on the steep chute, as it was soft during practice but now after all the racers would be worse. I cleaned the first two turns well. Had a slight wash out at the third turn.

NO crash, but looked down and my bike wasn’t under me. LOL Grabbed the handle bar gave my bike a bit of a talking to as we got it back together and headed for the shot and did just what I planed. Scrubbed all me speed and rolled down the chute with feathering the rear brake slightly. I had a few toe dabs through the bottom section rolled into the off caber line into the rut! Then started looking for Nancy’s pointer of rolling over the big rock. Kept telling myself “find the rock”! There it is ..I am home free.

I hear friends cheering as I get through and then it is sure speed down the rest of the course. The lower rock garden was very familiar and bobbled slightly but cleared and the it’s “The Wall” I hear the yells to get on the pedals! I thought about it and was exhausted, just wanted to hit the finish line! Was a great day! Great weekend of racing & friends.

Took 3rd in XC & 1st in DH!

Shimano Winter Series: Finals by Eric Hunner

RL Policar-The Animal has been a great asset to the team and continues to deliver great results in each race. Read his report below and enjoy his race experience for yourself.

I had a great day to say the least. I arrived early in the morning at Southridge to get settled in, I got myself registered for the 34 & under Single Speed class, started the fire in the old school portable Coleman fire pit, ate a tasty ham sandwich for breakfast, followed up by some Sportlegs and Gatorade one Power Bar.

I started off on my pre-ride with very little pressure, I was on time to the event, my bike was dialed in from the Pow Wow event two weeks prior, the dirt and sweat still on the bike from that 44 mile event, I didn’t want to disturb the bike it was working just fine, and the course was in perfect condition for racing all the new sections had settled in. On my preride of the course I stopped and put down two Hammer Gels-Apple Cinnamon best flavor if you like sweets, and one banana.

On the back stretch of the preride which is mostly flat, I practiced my one leg high speed cadence pedaling, and the switch over to the other leg that was resting while other one was working. Single speeds don’t have to be slow on the flats just start pedaling like a crazy person. In my case sprinting with two heavy legs at 150 cadence on 32×20 gearing with 26″ wheels doesn’t make sense to be spinning all the excess weight, give a leg a break and let one do the work. You may be thinking how did I come up with this, in the past I have had many crank arm failures, even snapping a crank arm off six miles from the truck. The bike still rolled, so why walk? Pedal what you can with one leg I thought. I threw the broken arm in my bag and gave it a shot, it worked. Now years later I am using my one leg pedaling to keep up with or pass other racers with or without gears in the flats, during the race I was pedaling up to 21 mph on 32×20 gearing with the cadence as high as 165.

Let me get to the race, we had a large turn out for the SS class this final round at the SRC Winter Series, all the usual suspects were here in attendance David Sanderson, Adam Spik, Rod Leveque, and myself all battling for the overall Shimano Winter Series points for SS 34& under X-Country. We started the race and I surprised myself being able to hold on to fourth position out of the thirteen SS racers with gearing choice. I put my head down and started grinding away at the water tower hill, I kept hearing “Go get’em Mike”. Mike was in the 35 & up SS class, he set a good pace he pulled away at top of the hill putting me in fifth position. I didn’t want to lose any more positions so I kept up the pace with Mike Brauns, we went back and fourth all race. On the second lap riding into the aid station RL tells me I am in the lead position [in my class] and to keep it up. RL then runs up the hill and noticed I was sprinting with one foot, he asks me if I was OK, “I am doing just fine”. I had not showed RL my trick yet. Later on the second lap, out in the back section Mike says, “You are killing me, I am trying to stay up with you” I replied about my gearing being 32×20 he said,” I am running that too” I said on 26″ wheels. Mike then said,”I am on a 29er, you must be spinning like crazy”.

Mike Brauns & I at the finish

We headed for the finish line a few miles away and I think Mike saw my one foot pedal action on the flats, I caught up to a geared bike about to hit the last rocky hill before the finish and see him slow down from a distance and change gears heading for the path on the right, I just aim for the middle and powered down until the rocks claimed my momentum. I jump off and put my new Shimano SH-M182 Cleats to work digging the the toe spike in between the rocks looking for traction and ran past three people tied up in the rocks. I then have only two things on my mind the last half mile to the finish ‘Don’t fall & Don’t Flat’ I made though to the finish in 59min 35 seconds good for First place in the 34 & under class.

Eric and Rod L.

Eric, Adam and David
I ended the Winter Series on a high with First place and Second overall in points to Rod Leveque, Adam and teammate David tied for points.

Podium for overall results.

I had a great time in this Winter Series due to the camaraderie of the other racers David Sanderson, Adam Spik, Rod Leveque, Mike Brauns, and Jon Fugitt. Another big Thank You to Team for the support, pictures, gear (Evomo Clothing, Ergon USA, Hoss MTB and, and the great food after each race. Good Times…

Southridge Race Report Winter Series 2009 XC Race #3

RL Policar: Up and comer SS racer David “Sho-Nuff” Sanderson does it again this weekend and is greatly improving. Read his race report and experience all the joys and pains that he went through this weekend. He did all that just so he would have something to say when his coworkers asked him what he did this weekend…”I raced” David replies (while puffing up his chest). “I raced REALLY HARD”

The sky’s been falling all over So Cal the past few days, dumping several inches of rain leading up to Saturday’s race and causing me doubts about the race conditions. Friday night it rained so hard that I thought to myself, that if it’s raining like this in the morning, I’m not racing! Fortunately I awoke to a light sprinkle, loaded up the bike and made my way to Fontana. I arrived to find RL and Jeremy already on the scene with the camp already set up, thank you guys! Eric (with a propane heater!), Moe, Priscilla, Kim and Tony soon follow.

I registered early enough to take a warm-up lap of the wet Southridge course. The soil in Southridge does well in the rain washing away the loose sandy top layer with minimal puddling. This provides excellent traction; in fact the traction was so good it felt as if I was running a harder gear ratio! This mixed with the extra cold air was sure to put what endurance I have to the test.

I arrive to the starting line to find a few unfamiliar faces with very large legs ready to race single-speed this week. Seems a few more serious cyclists are coming out of hibernation and preparing for their upcoming season. Christmas comes early as Donny informs us that were only running two laps this week (approx. 12 miles).

Donny counts down and we bolt from the starting line, I don’t know if I’m just properly warmed up, hoping to finish early or just getting faster, but I muster up a decent start. I’m too polite around the first turn and fall back several positions as I stick to the outside line. I manage to stay near the leaders through the early climbs as we make our way to the water tower climb. Here I fall back from the thunder thighs in the group and settle into my personal hell slowly grinding my way up. I manage to do a bit better than last week and can still see the leaders near the top.

I’ve pushed too hard through this climb and my legs are burning bad. I’m breathing deep and the bitter cold air is biting in my lungs as my heart pounds out a rapid beat. I snake my way though some the short single track before ascending some of the brutal short and steep climbs that take us to the course peak. I’m nearly done, using everything I got to grind out this climb and debating walking, It’s here one of my fellow racers starts cheering me on, “You can make it! Just a lil more”! What a great guy! This is a thousand times better than the “Passing on the left!” that I was expecting, and is enough to convince me to push, if for nothing more than to avoid slowing him down. I don’t know his name, but I know the bike and I’m gonna make sure to thank him before the next race.

My favorite part of the course is here with the rolling single track equipped with several little berms. I rail through these as quick as I can remind myself of my mental notes from the warm-up lap. Some of the ruts have grown in size and one corner has eroded enough to present some dangerous exposure if you were to let your front tire run the corner too wide. I reach for my now missing water bottle and freak out! S&!^, I’ve got no water! Thank goodness it’s anything but hot today and I know I’ll get another bottle on the next lap. I take advantage of some of the lines I learned the preceding weekend riding with Priscilla and RL. I now know I don’t have to brake at all as I cross the first concrete channel, I can bunny hop out of the second channel and finally take the dirt alternate route instead of riding down the last concrete channel. On one of the last sections a spectator is yelling at me for ruining her photo of her friend who is behind me. I didn’t know I was supposed to let people pass me to make their photos look better. Her boyfriend is looking at her like he is in serious debate as to if he should continue to date her and I couldn’t agree more. I round my way be to the starting straight for lap two.

RL is holding GU but no water! He might as well be holding a plate of bacon at this point because the only thing I want in this world at the moment is water. He quickly grabs a bottle and gets it to me just in time. I try to resist the urge to immediately chug the whole bottle in an effort to avoid a stomach cramp.

I’ve noticed I really have two different mindsets when I race. One that is really focused and intense. The other is really loose and relaxed thinking of anything other than the race in order to help me ignore the burning in my legs. I spend most of lap two in this state thinking about what I’m gonna eat after this weekend and debating giving 4X racing a try. I stay in this state until my favorite single track section where I always smile as I snake my way around. I discover today that this right here, is why I mountain bike, to flow around and have fun. I’m dogging it, riding at my regular trail pace when I hear the team cheering from the finish line. I muster up what I’ve got left and pick up the pace for the final few turns and a race time of 1:04:46 and yet another third place finish. The Animal, Eric Hunner has 2nd with a time of 1:00:59 and winner Rod Leveque gets in under an hour (sorry I don’t remember his time, but the results should be on the SRC website shortly).

We head back to the team camp and I proceed to eat more carne asada than anyone has a right too. It’s amazing what a race does to my appetite! Thank you RL, no one can cook on an old portable propane grill like you can!

Also a quick thanks to the team sponsors Evomo, Hoss MTB and Ergon whose gear helps us get through our races and trail-rides.

Other updates –

I get some more good news! The better than good, rather great people at KHS have provided with a demo Lucky 7 that I’ll get to ride in the next Southridge DH race! This is a bike on my short list of possible upcoming purchases and now I’ll get to swing a leg over it and tell you what its like to fall in love all over again.

What’s with all the changes?

A friend and I were discussing the recent changes that he had seen on the site. Changes not only in the site layout (rotating header, black design and etc) but also the focus and direction we’ve taken in the last few months.

You may have scene quite a bit of racing postings, events and team news. This friend found it rather interesting that in a few short months we’ve gone from recreational mountain biking and towards a sudden focus to racing.

Well, yes its true. Our focus since late 2008 has been on racing, that’s due to the fact that we found we had a pretty talented staff that liked to go fast. When we formed the Racing Team, we wanted to to bring “recreational” mountain bikers to a new level of riding. Don’t get me wrong, none of us really dream of being a pro (well maybe one), but if you take away all the events and all of the jerseys, we’re still the same group of people…recreational mountain bikers…that race. Think of it as Vegetarians that eat Sea Food. Get it?

Every time we finish an event/race, we like to post our experiences so we can share and even relate to our readers. I have another friend that likes to comment on the site (dial tone), we were having a conversation about racing. I had encouraged him to at least try it, but he said no thanks because he was a recreational rider, but we had taken it to the next level. But what I want everyone to understand, sure we have a number of our staff that race, Moe and I just started racing but it doesn’t mean we’re “hardcore” or anything like that. Honestly, I raced DH because Priscilla thinks its hot…Moe races to achieve personal goals.

Our racing focus on the site is basically a grass roots effort to make mountain bike racing more appealing to those who consider themselves recreational riders. If you’re lucky enough to have a race series by your home, please take advantage of it. Some of the people we meet at Fontana come as far away as Colorado just to race…for us its just a 40 min drive. You never know, this racing thing might just be your thing…just look at Priscilla, a mom of 3, college student and wife…but she’s a champ! Or you can be like Moe and I, not really serious racers,(c’mon…its Moe and RL…)but we have fun when we’re out there.

Eric Hunner’s SC Velo XC Race Report

My day started off brewing coffee at 4:00 am, not uncommon during the work week, but probably not the best thing to do before a race. I could not sleep. I kept turning the news on checking the current
weather conditions. The night before, the news said it going to start raining at 4:00am on race day. One part of me wanted it to rain it would be like the Camp Pendleton Mud Run but only with a bike under you, and another part of me wanted my wife and baby to be at the race warm and dry. Well the rain held out long enough for our MtnBikeRiders Team to race in really nice conditions, and keep the wife happy- choose your battles wisely.

My race started at 10:00am Single Speed 34 and under. I had my work cut out for me, some of the other Single Speeders included Mark Mumea & Calvin Lefebvre both have laundry list of races under their belt.

Our course was 4 laps, 16 miles total. First lap I was going like crazy with every body else about 21 minutes for the first lap, then I settled into my groove. Knocking the hills down one at a time and before I knew the race was half way done. The SC VELO XC CHALLENGE race was a lot of fun, everybody I ran into that day was in such a great mood fellow racers included.

I had some great competition from a gearie in the middle of the race. I threw my chain off in a rough downhill section and the gearie comes zipping by and says,”I didn’t think I was going to catch you”. I
put my chain back on as fast as possible. I took a gamble and rode with the loose chain for the rest of the race instead of burning up minutes trying to set the chain tension just right. It paid off because I caught and passed the gearie. The gearie caught up with me after a few downhill sections [ I am riding a full rigid he was on full suspension] he said,”Hey single speed I’m back” . He kept the pressure on and we were passing other racers together going uphill. We had are own race within the race. I pulled away half way though the fourth lap and BAM! threw the chain one more time with 1 mile to go before the finish line. I look back as I am putting my chain on and the gearie is in sight. The race is still on. Well I finish without any more hiccup’s or positions lost to a Warm welcome at the finish from family, friends, and strangers alike.

I end up on the podium in second place, second to Mark Mumea. This was such a fun event and a great beginning to the SC Velo Triple Crown.


First and foremost, the Racing Team did an excellent job in yesterday’s event. We had 4 of our racers place on the podium and represented the site very well.

So let me start off with getting ready for the race. Since I wasn’t racing, I wanted to make sure that our athletes were taken care of. The night before, I bought a boat load of water, Gatorade, snacks and tubes.

The funny thing was, even though I wasn’t racing, I too couldn’t sleep the night before, I woke up around 5am and started packing the car with all the stuff we needed. My role for this race was of many responsibilities. I was basically the water boy, camera man, cheer leader, mechanic and what ever else I could find to do to help our riders out.

One of my other jobs was to take video footage of the event. I had over 40 minutes of coverage that I condensed into a 4.5 minute video.If you’re having issues watching that, here’s a non-HD version from Youtube.


Well the day came and went very quickly! The SC VELO XC CHALLENGE in San Dimas, CA was the kick off for our MtnBikeRiders Racing Team! I am happy to say we did these jerseys proud!

Race day started out with a lot of rain clouds and overcast skies. I was really worried about having to race in the mud but luckily the rain didn’t start until after we finished the race. The race course was 4 miles long and we were required to ride 3 laps. I know 12 miles doesn’t sound like much, but this by far was one of the most difficult trails that I have had to do laps. I would say the majority of it was climbing. There were only about three fun downhill drops and two singletracks, other than that it was uphill pedaling. Not my idea of fun, but it was a butt kicking race.

The first two laps weren’t so bad, but the third lap I really wanted to throw in the towel. I experienced a lot of cramping and had to walk a few hills that I had previously pedaled up. I was exhausted on that third lap but I was determined to finish. I was able to avoid a couple of crashes and my chain dropped on me twice..but other than that it was a pretty clean race.

This was a tough race and I am just happy to have finished!

Kim Finch kicked butt out there! 2nd place win!

Props to Joe “Gangsta” Solancho, Kim Finch, Eric “Animal” Hunner and “The Moe”! Great Job guys and gal. You guys rock! I really felt like we went out there and gave it our all, and I’m real proud to be part of this team. 🙂 Thanks also to our sponsors: ERGON, HOSS, EVOMO and of course KHS for my sweet bike!!!

Thanks for all the support of families and friends that came out to cheer for us too. It was freezing out there and rainy by mid afternoon but everyone was a trooper about it. 🙂 And a special “Thank You” to RL. He seriously put in a lot of time and muscle into the race for us. He was photographer, babysitter, videographer, water boy, snack boy, motivator and the set up crew. You are the best RL! 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to race without your support babe. Love you. 😉

My reward for a job well done: Pizza and a cold brew. 🙂

We’re looking forward to the next race in November! Check out our flickr account for more pics!

When riding solo…do you pretend you’re in a race?

Yesterday I was riding solo again. But I realized that any time I saw someone ahead, it motivated me to ride harder and eventually pass them up.

Now keep in mind, I’m not the fastest person on the trail, but when I do see someone in front, I start playing the songs from The Collective in my head and pump my legs so they’re spinning as fast as a little hamster on a wheel. Sometimes this is hard to do since my SS’s drive train is only 32/18, but it sure feels good when I say “on your left.”

Let me give you a detailed account of my break down of the peleton out on the Fullerton Loop yesterday. Once I got to the parking lot, I got ready and by this time, I had seen at least 3 groups that had already left. So that meant I was already plotting my “attack mode” on the trail. The first goal was to catch up the last group. About 5 of them, 4 men and 1 woman. The woman was the last person on the train. I spun my little legs through the the first single track and when it split into a Y, I called out “on your left!…Good morning!” Remember all this time I’m playing music in my head. This time it this song from the opening scene of the Collective, something about “trippin.”

Anyhow, I see her other trail buddies, and they’re cruising at a pace that would be considered relaxed vibe, but I’m not cuz’ I’m mentally in a race and I’ve got my bibs and an actual jersey on, so that means I’m riding in XC style. Now the music changes….to Celine Dione…What? Wait no…let me hit the FFWD button in my brain! Ok now we’ve got some Barry Manilow…WTF!?! NO! FFWD again…ok got some Slackstring playing Sunday Jen…ok much better, I get back into my “racing” groove and I steadily pick off one rider after another. Eventually I’ve managed to completely pass that whole group. Yes it still counts even if they stopped to wait for the other riders, I still passed them…so it counts!

Now I’m cruising along towards a gradual climb. This section of the Loop goes through a farm like place where the group ahead of me is obviously taunting me because they’re riding super slow. The knee high socks, backwards helmets, and jeans make me think these guys are either newbies on the trail or it was a clever ploy to disguise themselves since they were actually some fast XC racers. You know the kind, all skin and muscles…yup that’s what they were! The MGX and Mongoose mountain bikes they rode look like they were from Wal Mart, but I think they used these bikes as their training bikes….Anyhow, I pass every single one of them without a problem…

Now I’m getting to this gradual climb that really just sucks. It’s a pavement climb along a park that is right after Rosecrans Ave. I spot my next group of victims…3 guys on big heavy all mountain bikes. I pluck them off one at a time and I get to the top of the hill ready to hurl…By this time my mental music player is blaring some Rocky music…Eye of the Tiger!

As I make my way through the trails I only encounter one more group. But I gave them mercy and shut off my racing mode and even turned down the music in my head, that way the I can hear the voices that normally talk to me….what? No I didn’t say anything about you! Shut up!….Sorry, that was Bad RL wanting to come out and play. So back to my pretend racing. By the time I got back to the car, I felt great because I had just gotten on the podium! That’s right I placed in this race and as I look out into the crowd, my kids are cheering, and Priscilla is winking at me! Not bad eh? I didn’t even pay an entry fee!

I know you guys can relate because mental racing makes riding solo a bit more fun!