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mtvNot too long ago MTv’s Parental Control Show contacted KMX Karts and asked if they can use the trikes as part of a date during an episode. Since KMX US is based out of Ohio, they contacted me to see if I can coordinate with the MTv producers and provide them a set of KMX Karts for the show.

So I call up my partner in crime,Moe as well as my buddy Scott Sweeney (no relation to Ghost Rider) to see if they could help me out during the taping. We loaded my little hatchback with the KMX Karts and drove down to a place called Aliso Canyon Park out in Porter Ranch.

Once we got to the location, we were treated to a catered lunch that served us Messican food, grilled Sword fish and the best bread pudding in the world!

Here are the KMX Karts. Magally and Brian at were kind enough to provide the show a set of Sette Impact Knee/Shin guards and elbow pads.

At one point, the camera guys set up the KMX Kart with a point of view camera or POV.

Part of the show required a vehicle to be used in the scene. So my little Hyundai became an immediate star! When this airs, and you see this car, just remember its mine!

Moe and I spent some time with one of the “daters” of the show teaching him how to operate the KMX. We jumped on the golf cart and followed him around while giving him pointers.

Here’s a random shot the crew hard at work.

A scene where my car was used.

So here’s your two “daters” going on their KMX Karts Date. Cool guys named Ronan and Shaun.

Scott helping one of the camera guys with the POV camera.

This was the last scene of the day where the two daters were chit chatting and trying to get to know each other.

As the day came to an end, we were at least two hours away from home. The LA traffic didn’t help but today was certainly a great day. We’ve never been part of any type of TV show, so this experience was pretty cool! Our main job was to make sure the guys were ok and that the KMX Karts were in working order during the whole shoot.

I’d like to thank MTV and staff for having us there, KMX Karts for giving us the opportunity as well as for providing the Sette Impact protective gear for the show.

To see more photos of the taping, click HERE!

BTW the show will air in 6-8 weeks!

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