How to: Install New Brake Levers, Avid Juicy 7

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It’s ridiculously easy. I did this in about 5 minutes.

1. Unthread the lever pivot set screw by using a 2.5 mm allen wrench and turning counterclockwise. Make sure to keep your hand underneath the brake as the screw may fall down suddenly.

2. Unthread the lever adjuster screw by using a 2.0 mm allen wrench. You will not unthread it entirely. After a few turns, you’re ready to move to the next step. You will hear popping sounds. That’s ok.

3. Gently pop the lever out and you are done.

4. Replace with a new lever by reversing the above steps.

6 thoughts on “How to: Install New Brake Levers, Avid Juicy 7

  1. Dang Jeremy…you’re quite the wrench lately! Good job. That’s way easier than another method that I saw on another site…

  2. Man those are SO much easier to replace than Hayes!

    How did you pop the main pivot/post out? That was the hardest thing to do with the Hayes.

  3. I should have taken a picture but just a little gentle prying and it popped right off! Very gentle prying, by the way. It actually surprised me how easily it came off.

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