Turnbull Canyon early ride

I got up early this morning to meet our buddy Vince Rodarte at Turnbull Canyon or TBC as we often refer to it. Turns out that TBC used to be Vince’s backyard so he knows the trail very well.

Vince forgot his bike at work, so he had to borrow one of my bikes. Being the single speed aficionado that he is, the KHS Solo One was his choice of steed.

This time, we rode the correct trail from 7th to the water tank, it was so much easier. (I’m not rubbing it in Vince).

I had a great time riding this trail, even though it involved 4 miles of climbing, the descents are so worth it. Many thanks to Vince for joining me on this ride and for showing me the correct way, I look forward to the next ride.