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Newbie’s first ride

Posted by RL Policar On September - 16 - 2008

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A while ago I mentioned that I built up a “faux” Full Suspension Redline for my buddy Loren. On Sunday after church, Priscilla and I took him to the Fullerton Loop to test out the bike. Back in his younger days, Loren used to be a pretty good BMX racer. So it was no surprise to me that he had excellent bike handling skills. So much so that he was like my shadow when it came to the jumps on the trail. The dude had some grace when taking jumps and he does a little flair kick too!
full suspension redline

Here’s Loren coming down the trail.

Then there was I. Yup, that’s me sporting the MtnBikeRiders jersey.

We then headed over to the dirt jumps to see if Loren could do some of his magic. But those jumps were HUGE! Needless to say, we just tooled around the area and took the smaller ones…yah we showed them!

Anyhow, Loren did pretty well considering it was his first ride. Afterward, he said that he’d like to mountain bike on a regular basis!

2 Responses to “Newbie’s first ride”

  1. Lynchmob says:

    Speaking of grace on jumps; check out this video of your truely this past weekend.And this was on a 1950′s beach cruiser that weighed about 50 lbs. with no brakes. Amazing the stupid things you will do when you have a dozen drunks egging you on.

    Bike + Fire = pure stupidity

  2. markowe says:

    That’s no beginner! That’s a ringer!!

    And of COURSE “he’d like to mountain bike on a regular basis” – everyone does, they just don’t know it yet :)

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