2 Different trails in 1 Day

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to ride through 2 different trails. It may not sound like a big deal but I started off by doing some XC riding at Hurkey Creek, near Idylwild, Ca. Lady P and love this place for it’s beauty, scenery and choice trails. I believe at the peak of my ride, I hit about 4900 feet of elevation.

Hurkey Creek has some great views. My weapon of choice for the day was the Airborne Hobgoblin 29er
I ran into some patches of snow on my climb. Kinda neat to ride through it since I rarely get a chance to do that. Makes for a great photo!
airborne hobgoblin on mtnbikeriders.com
My favorite section of Hurkey Creek is a trail called Exfoliator. It’s a mix of flowy single track, berms, and small jumps. the Airborne Hobgoblin loves techy sections.
mtnbikeriders airborne hobgoblin
After Hurkey Creek, I headed over to my old racing grounds, Southridge in Fontana, Ca. I’ve been wanting to see how the Hogoblin would do in a more technical environment. What better place to see that than a downhill course. I did a couple of runs on some familiar race day routes and got some photos of it.
airborne hobgoblin DH
Here’s another shot before I called it a day. People always ask me how I got my calves so big. Steroids.
mtnbikeriders downhill 29er
i had such a great day! Being able to ride at two different places and riding 2 different styles was great! I was pleased with the Airborne Hobgoblin’s ability handle technical sections. It really does a great job soaking up all the big hits. I’m predicting that the Hobgobln might see some action where it involves both disciplines into one event, Super D. Who knows, it may happen soon…

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