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This morning MtnBikeRiders along with a few friends, Jonathan and Khoa hit the Fullerton Loop. I know we mention this trail alot, well its because its a few minutes from our homes.

So Priscilla has gotten way better at mountain biking to the point where she’s leaving me in the dust. Her and Jeremy seem to have this knack for climbing and having endurance. As for me, I’ve got none of that.

Oh I forgot to mention that we saw a slider turtle by Laguna Lake. He/she was trying to cross the trail to get to the water. I went ahead and picked him up and placed him by the shore, but Moe and I got some pics with him. :)

By the end of the ride, I was really worn out. But Jeremy and Priscilla seemed like they could have gone for another 11 miles. I was ready for a nap!

It was great to have 4 of the 5 MtnBikeRiders staff out riding. Now we just have to get Randy to drive down here from Yuma, Az!

Some of these pictures shows us at the jumps, but as you can see we weren’t having any of it. Must have been a bunch of kids, but they built up these mondo large jumps that all I could really do is ride up top one of the table tops and roll down. I wasn’t about to try it…

Anyhow, riding with friends is always a great time! If you’re ever in the So. Cal area, hit us up!

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