It must suck to work for a bike company…

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(ed. This post is my opinion. It does not reflect the belief of the mentioned companies.)

Not that I’m saying working for KHS Bicycles, Trek, Redline or any other bike company would suck. I’m sure there’s perks to it…especially the deep discounts!

But what I’m getting at…it would suck to hear all of the “Know it alls� that think they can design a better bike than the company could. You know what I’m talking about, these are the guys that flood the biking forums with their wealth of knowledge and look down on any thing that they think is not cool, light enough or trendy.

I’d hate to be the guy working for a bike company having to listen to some douche at Sea Otter or any other venue where you’re an exhibitor, talking about why your company sucks and company this is better and how SRAM is better than Shimano…blah blah blah blah!

These idiots think its easy to build up a bike company and hoping that the public will buy your merchandise. Let me give you an example on how tough it is to be a bike company. When Moe and I went to visit KHS Bicycles in February, they were already spec’ing out 2008 bikes…this was FEBRUARY! The 07’s just came out, yet they’re already working on 08!

Once they spec the bikes out, now its a matter of getting those ordered and built by their manufacturer. Pluse there’s other things involved in building a bike company. There’s overhead, logistics, staffing, marketing and way too much to mention.

Anyhow, I don’t know how I’d deal with some guy telling that company A,B or C is better than my employer. I’m sure most of the time I’d have to bit my lip and just knod, defend, and say …�That’s a great suggestion, we’ll make sure we consider it.�

But here’s what I have to say to Naysayers…. “SHUT UP!!!!�

You think you can do better!?! Then lets see you try! Go on, get your money and let’s see you build a better bike company. Then lets see how people like your stuff. You’ll start to get people just like you…who think they know everything about bikes tell you that your product is inferior to company A,B and C as well as company Z.

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