Giant is GIANT

I used to think (and I’m sure many people still think) that every bike company has their own little plant in China or Taiwan churning out hundreds of bikes a year. But this plain untrue.

The vast majority of bikes you see out there (especially those from small bike companies) come from just a handful of manufacturing plants. In fact most bikes do come from plants in Taiwan, China or the Netherlands… go figure… but these plants aren’t small. They are giant plants owned by the giant in bike manufacturing… Giant.

Giant started off innocently enough making bikes for other heavy weight bike companies like Schwinn. But in the mid-80’s Giant decided to come out with its own line of bikes and now they’re considered one of the top bike companies.

Giant is also looking to double their production of bikes by the end of 2008 by opening a new factory in China. You can read more about it here via Dirt Rag Magazine.

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