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Here at, we’re big proponets for excellent customer service. Just recently we were impressed by Sugoi’s response to Cheong’s review of a rain jacket. Another company that just recently blew my socks away is Spinner USA.

A few months ago, Spinner USA hooked us up with a couple of forks. One was for the KHS AM2000 and the other was for me to test. The fork on the AM2000 has been working remarkably well. But the one I have, has had a few issues. For one, I lost air about 5 different times on my Cargo DH/FR fork. I swapped out the valve core to see if that would help. For the most part it did. But on a recent trip to Aliso Woods, my air leaked(left stanchion) and I may have blown a seal on the right stanchion…how do I know this, well I see some sort of oil slathered on the dust cap and on the stanchion itself.

Old fork with blown seal and no air.

So I emailed my favorite guy at Spinner, Steve Richey. He actually runs a great company called Promo Logic USA where he and his staff provide sales/service/marketing and support for companies like Spinner, Ice Toolz, Yaban Chain,Nokon, Rubena and many more.

I told Steve about the problems I’ve had with the fork. I knew this was a fluke because, the fork on the AM2000 has seen the same amount of abuse as the fork on my bike, but it hasn’t had any problems at all. So rather than trying to diagnose the problem over the email or phone, Steve opted to send me a new fork and a return label to have me send the old/broken fork back.

Within 4 days of that email, I came home to this…
spinner cargo

I immediately installed the fork and rode it the next day through Aliso Woods. I had a great time and the new fork was flawless.

I think what I appreciate the most about Steve’s customer service skills, was the fact that he wanted to get to the bottom of the problem too. So rather than messing around, he just handled it like a professional and took care of me. You know, if he’s that attentive with me, can you imagine how well he’ll take care of you in the event you’ll need help?

Thanks again to Steve Richey of Promo Logic USA for taking care of the issue!

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