Vassago Bandersnatch Build…Almost There


I’ve been slowly gathering parts for the Vassago 29er. This build is really getting me stoked as everything comes together. Yesterday I got the WTB Exiwolf 2.3s and my 5 tubes for $15(ridiculous!), along with my Truvativ Gigapipe SL bottom bracket. Boy, 29er tires sure seem heavy! And these were on the lighter side of the several I looked at. Guess it’s just the extra mass.

I aquired some nice used Bontrager Superstock rims for the build from Jeremy. I now fully support his 29er addiction and will urge him to buy more parts, in hopes that I can buy his old ones.

My Spank(white) bars and stem are on the way too. Check back in soon…my plan is to complete this build and get a couple of rides in before Sea Otter.

RL Policar

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2 thoughts on “Vassago Bandersnatch Build…Almost There

  1. Oh man, great deal. Thanks for the heads up Quinn. I’ll be running a fully rigid setup so I’m expecting to go through some tubes.

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